Fishville A New Zynga Game Launches On Facebook

    Zynga launches a new game application on Facebook called Fishville, an aquarium game like Fishworld. It seems that Zynga Inc., is modifying some existing games on Facebook like Fishworld, Happy Aquarium and My Fishbowl. This is not the first time Zynga modifies a game application on Facebook and the result based on stats a lot of Facebook game players like it better than the original one. Would Fishville defeat other aquarium games like Farmville does to Farmtown?

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    Cafe World Points In Facebook Cafe World Game

    Cafe World Points or Cafe Points is what you need to level up in Cafe World Game. In other game application, they call it as Experience Points. Everytime you cook a dish, you get a corresponding Cafe Points per dish.

    If you want to level up fast, you should know the corresponding cafe points per dish and its cooking time.

    You must visit Cafe Secrets Guide for more updated tips and tricks.

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    Farmville Stacking Tricks and Fences Elevation Video Tutorial

    This is just a simple tip from me. If you want to learn more Farmville secrets, click here. 😉

    Some may know this, however a lot still don’t know about this trick and still don’t know how to do it. Farmville Stacking is a way of decorating your farm, giving your farm a different look from the traditional farm in Farmville. It’s a Farmville Trick of some players giving your farm a unique look.

    This new Farmville Stacking trick is so easy to learn however for some people it needs patience and time. So, let me share to you some points on how to do the tricks.

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    Cafe World Coin Cheats | Cafe World Money Cheat Tips

    In Cafe World or like any other games, money hack or how to cheat coins are one of the questions of others aside from level cheat, items cheat and stamina cheats. Cafe World Coins are important in the game because you cannot cook foods you want to serve without buying it and if you don’t have coins to buy foods to cook, you can’t level up or gain experience points that fast. You cannot even expand or decorate your cafe if your money is insufficient.

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    How To Cheat Stoves And Counters In Cafe World

    On my previous post Cafe World Tips and Cheats, I have posted what to do to get extra stoves and counters without waiting for you to level up. However, upon checking on the video I have provided, it seems that Zynga claimed for copyright infringements thus, the said video is not working anymore.

    So let me put all the procedures in writing if ever the new video that I will provide below will be shut off.

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    Cafe World Tips and Cheats

    What is Cafe World?

    Cafe World is another restaurant game application like Restaurant City of Playfish, however they differ in some ways. Basic is, you manage your own cafe, hire friends to work as your crew, arrange your cafe the way you want it to be, cook the foods you want to serve, expand and beautify your cafe according to your style.

    So, let me share some tips, tricks and cheats based on my Cafe World experience.

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    Tips and Tricks in Country Story

    Country Story is another game application in Facebook made by playfish. Like Farmtown and Farmville, it is also a farm game, however they differ in some ways.

    In country story, you will get to meet first the Mayor of the villagers. He’ll be the one to help you get started like manage your farm, decorate your home and prepare for your first harvest.You need to cooperate with your friends and other villagers like helping them water their crops. As a beginner lets explore and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside.

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