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    In Cafe World or like any other games, money hack or how to cheat coins are one of the questions of others aside from level cheat, items cheat and stamina cheats. Cafe World Coins are important in the game because you cannot cook foods you want to serve without buying it and if you don’t have coins to buy foods to cook, you can’t level up or gain experience points that fast. You cannot even expand or decorate your cafe if your money is insufficient.

    So, how do we Cheat Coins in Cafe World? As far as I know, Cafe World Coin Cheats is not working anymore. They are using the same Cheat Engine 5.5 plus Adobe Flash Player. There are even video tutorials in YouTube about Cafe World Coin Cheat, however those video tutorials are already shut off due to a copyright claim by Zynga Game Network Inc.

    Now, how can we gain more coins without using cheats? Is it possible? Let me share some Cafe World Coin Tips how I incurred more coins in Cafe World.

    Honestly, the only cheat I used in Cafe World is the stove cheats. Currently I have 22 stoves and with my counters, I did not cheat to get more counters. I waited to level up, for me to get more counters and now I have six counters already. The image below is my current cafe layout.

    Cafe World Layout

    The stove cheat helps me a lot in earning more coins. You can see the image above; I am on level 26, with almost 200k Cafe World Coins. I even maintain a buzz rating of 105. These Cafe World Coin Tips are based on my Cafe World Experience. I just want to share with you so you will get some ideas on how to manage your own cafe.

    1. Plan the food to cook and serve. – I started out with only three counters and seven stoves before I tried the stove cheat. What I am doing is, I am planning what food to serve since I only have three counters and seven stoves. Always remember that the money you earned depends on the food you are serving.

    2. Do not run out of food in your counter. РBefore you open your cafe make sure that you have plenty of foods in your counter. This will also affect your buzz rating if you run out of foods. The same thing applies when you leave your caf̩ open overnight.

    3. Keep your buzz rating high. – The higher buzz rating you get the more customers will eat in your cafe equals more coins you get.

    4. Visit friends’ cafe to get more coins. – While waiting for your food to be done, visit all your friends’ cafe everyday so you will get extra coins. That will add up to your cafe coins everyday.

    5. Invite more friends to play Cafe World. – The more friends you add, the more coins you get daily.

    By the way, I’ve learned this trick from other players. On cleaning the stoves, instead of clicking the stoves to clean it, what they do is dragging the stove to their inventory for them not to cost 15 coins when cleaning it. When they put back the stove to their café, it’s clean already. This trick is only applicable for those players who did not use the cheat on stove tactic.

    These are the basics tactics I am doing for me to get more coins everyday. Now that I have more stoves to use, I am still doing the same procedure. You can acquire more coins in cafe world even if there’s no cheat. It is just a matter of planning and a little trick of thinking. =)

    You can also visit Cafe Secrets Guide on how to get level 50 Cafe and have a bigger restaurant with lots of oven and money. This Cafe Secrets Guide was proven and tested by me.

    UPDATED: Cafe World Coin Cheat Using Charles 3.5.1

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    1. Thanks! Inggit ako sa stove mo ang dami dami na!

    2. i tried to put it back into the inventory.. but then i had to pay to get the stove back again.. you dont get all the money back when you sell it back

    3. @ Jul, I assumed that you use the stove cheat. Technically, You can’t place your stove back to the inventory nor you can sell the stove.

    4. how about using the cheat again? will it work Shella?

    5. @Ambo, I’ve tried to use the cheat sa isa ko pang account sa CW and yes you can still use the cheat again. Just be cautious kasi minsan nadidisconnect so that ruins the cheat sometimes. Nawawala iyong stoves and counters so better not abuse using the cheat. =)

    6. i guess u cant cook at ur cheated stoves now.. am i ryt?or is it only me? plsss help.. my cheated 26 stoves had become 8 out of 8 nah 🙁

    7. me too, at first it works but now, the cheat is not working..

    8. can i undo my cheat on the stove? coz i think i have some invisible stove?

    9. if you’re cheated stoves ain’t working anymore just sell it off and redo the cheat again…

    10. @ Nesty, You cannot sell the stoves you’ve cheated, you cannot even put your cheated stoves in your inventory. If you do either of this two, you won’t get any money nor you can’t put back your cheated stove back in your cafe.

    11. Stove cheat, cook the foods, put them on the counters, use speedhack to earn your money back, then back to step two. That’s what I’ve been doing. c;

    12. I got the cheat stoves working and i cooked alot of food and up graded my levels but when I closed the e. I loss every thing and i am back to where i started. I am in my old level and my food count is same as old count.
      Does any know how to fix this.

    13. think there’s something wrong with the cheat engine today..
      and im unfortunate ..

      the drawback of cheating..

    14. there was a maintenance today and after that the unlimited stove hack was fixed already.

      you will be able to do unlimited stove hack but once you visit or save the game it will revert back to original count of stove you should have.

    15. Warning if you have cheated stoves do not delete them i did this and now the cheat is no longer working. i even tried a new facebook account

    16. the stove hack is working but when you refresh or visit a friend, things will go back where before you do the hack.

      they already patched the stove hack. i dont know about the infinite tables/chairs/other stuff hack.. havent tried it.

      someone should probably find a way around this..
      i have 20 stoves, i put them to inventory, and when i used the cheat again, it wont work anymore. sad.

      i will update you guys if i find anything helpful.

    17. speedhack kaya..??

    18. i tried adding more stoves with my current 15 i lost 5 stoves.i have only 10 left.i tried using CE but it doesnt my inventory i have 45 white stoves and 3 red ones.dang! somebody figured out the glitch.poor us…cheaters…

    19. haha.. nasisira na pc ko kgagamit ng cheat

    20. its not working anymore….. are there new cheat for unlimited stoves??????

    21. Why can’t you just play without using any hacks or cheats? tsk.’

    22. how do i get my picture back on cafe world




    24. I’ve tried this cheat before and my stoves are still working. I don’t know with you guys what is your problem. Did you not know that cheat stoves are not allowed to drop back down in your inventory if you are like decorating or arranging your cafe? You won’t be able to get your cheated stoves back if you do it.

    25. @Jett Marion and why are you here if you are not looking for cheats? Obviously you are looking for cheats reason why you landed on this page… don\’t make us stupid man… because you just simply showed you are more stupid than us here.

    26. AY YA just pay the 15 points to clean it! It saves LOTS of frustrations! 😉

    27. relax there… i got 57stoves now on my cafe but i’m planning to get rid of it when i’m in max level..^_^,im 49 now,, tomorrow i’m expecting to get the max level. the cheat has been patched,, but you can’s just limited. you can only clone the number of stoves your level can have,, for example,, you can have 8 stoves, you can clone 8 stoves using/buying only 3.^^that’s what i’ve noticed for now

    28. why dont you play legally and have fun… u will be feel happy and proud if you played without cheating… just play honestly and be fair with others and have fun and enjoy… this is only a game and u cannot really get the money in real.. so have fun and enjoy playing the game honestly…thank you…God bless!

    29. @thez floresca, just play your game, no one encourage you to cheat. Others want to dominate the game that’s why they want some cheats and If I’m not mistaken, you are also looking for some cheats right? Then why are you here in the first place if you don’t want some cheats? Cheers!!! =)

    30. icant use the stoves that were added.. i cant cook in it?
      what should i do?

    31. Chris Chang is a dumbass

      @ Chris Chang: You’re a dumbass. I still have 82 stoves after the patch and all of them works. Do some homework before you post.

    32. I tried the cheat engine 5.5 and I can create the stoves, but can not cook on them. Cheat does not work anymore. ^^ so perhaps the people that had the cheat BEFORE hand can still cook on the stoves, but the new people can not.

    33. Pingback: Download Cheat Engine 5.5 Free | Mrs.

    34. Any word on working hacks?

    35. I play it too, It’s pretty addicting if you ask me!! you can add me on facebook and on there at “Kailyn Day Broney”

    36. add me please.. i need somehelp

    37. Ummmmmmmm……. I think its social life….because if you cheat you will be like cheating in the real world… my suggestion is that don’t cheat maybe someday you will have a cafe and you don’t know how to manage it so thats why you dont have to cheat……:)

    38. dude are you retarded?
      people are looking for cheats and you see i use this cheat but i can help you with useless tips to go trough the fuck you man do something usefull

    39. oh where is latest cheates for 2010 cmon guys stoves coins make summit up

    40. how do you have 22 stoves??

      im farther than you are in that picture and i only have 14 stoves!

    41. my stove hack’s stove are still working perfectly.

    42. hey guys lets play fair…

    43. i can still use the stove glitch xD. Lucky me! :]

    44. ÅZS»◘»»»

      why is that i can only use 4 stoves?
      rather than 53 stoves?
      please help me!

    45. i need some help ..!!! ever since i played CAFE WORLD i haven’t recieved any cafe cash =( what will i do i have 11 stoves and 6 counters i want to have a lots lots of cash or even coins PLEASE HELP ME OUT ..!!! THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD HEART… if you help me..^__^

    46. they put and end to the stove cheat sorry

    47. they put an end to the 5.5 cheat stove cheat better look for an other if you do please send me at

    48. here guys i found this..i would not give more info for this to avoid patching..hmmp..:)

      69e09cf3.seriousfiles.coV (change V to M)

      [Follow the Instructions]

    49. Just ask to experts… Kapag gumamit ba ako ng Cheat sa CW, still yong money exist parin once I exit the Cheat Engine or kung mag la-log-out ako sa FB? Please message me back on my email at:

      Thanks.. anyway thats my Email Add on my FB, so add me up and be my neighbor at CW thanks again 😛

    50. ingit nman ako???

    51. @Jana,
      Please do not be rude. Some people wound up here looking for something else. I wound up here looking for “how to get my picture back on cafe world”.

      It moved me down to margaret’s post, which asked that question but was not answered.

      Not everyone who comes here does so looking for cheats.

    52. I am playing Cafe Life and when I went on line I have lost my coins???? Why??? How do I get them bacK????

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