Mother’s Day Text Messages | Mother’s Day Quotes | Mother’s Day Sweet Messages

    Mother’s Day is fast approaching and is celebrated only once a year. Have you thanked your Mom for the sacrifice she had for years for you to be the best person you could be? Or have you utter the three magic words “I love you” just to let her know that she was loved by you? Most often than not, it’s difficult to others to say “I love you Mom or thank you Mom” for some reasons. Continue reading

    Nokia E72 Review

    I’ve been planning to buy a new cellphone particularly the E series of Nokia several months ago. It was a love at first sight when I first saw Nokia E63 but was disappointed with some of its features after I compared it to Nokia E71. I didn’t know yet about Nokia E72 until I saw it online and made me want to have it to replace my Nokia N95 8GB cellphone.

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