How To Cheat Stoves And Counters In Cafe World

    On my previous post Cafe World Tips and Cheats, I have posted what to do to get extra stoves and counters without waiting for you to level up. However, upon checking on the video I have provided, it seems that Zynga claimed for copyright infringements thus, the said video is not working anymore.

    So let me put all the procedures in writing if ever the new video that I will provide below will be shut off.

    What do we need to do to get more stoves and counters in cafe world?

    Reminder: Zynga Networks Inc. is trying to fix this glitch in Cafe World so at anytime this cheat may not work anymore. Please proceed with caution.

    First, you need to have a Cheat Engine software. What they are using is the Cheat Engine 5.5, you can download the said software at your own risk here. Please proceed with caution.

    Here’s How to cheat Stoves and Counters

    1. Go to Cafe World and open your cheat engine. Select the program you want to cheat. If you are using Firefox, then select Firefox and open.

    Cheat Cafe World

    2. Go to “Functional” icon then click “Stove” icon. You will see 7 of 7 stoves used.

    Cafe World Cheats

    3. Go to your cheat engine software and put “7” on the hex box. The number to put depends on how many stoves you have in used. Then, hit “First Scan”, see image below.

    Cafe World Cheats

    4. Drag 1 stove down into the shop, so you will have 6 of 7 stoves used.

    5. Go back to cheat engine software and change the number in the hex box to 6 then hit “Next Scan”.

    Cafe World Cheats

    6. Drag another stove down to your shop so you will have 5 of 7 stoves used. Repeat step 5, change the number on the hex box to 5 then hit “Next Scan”.

    7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have 1-3 addresses found on the left side of the cheat engine.

    Cafe World Cheats

    8. Double click each addresses to go down at the bottom part of the cheat engine.

    Cafe World Cheats

    9. Change the value of all remaining addresses to 1 and then click the “frozen box” to freeze.

    10. Go to Cafe World and presto!! You can now have more stoves you want. Hit the “Green check Mark’ to save.

    11. You can do the same procedure for counters, read post here.

    You can also visit Cafe Secrets Guide on how to get level 50 Cafe and have a bigger restaurant with lots of oven and money. This Cafe Secrets Guide was proven and tested by me.

    For proper procedure please watch the video.

    note: The old video on my previous post has been replaced with this video.

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    Happy Cooking!!!

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    2. I always get an error with CE when I load firefox – any reason why???

    3. @ Nicki I don’t have any problems with CE using firefox. Why not try IE instead.

    4. Thanks!!!!!!!! 🙂

    5. You’re welcome!!! 🙂

    6. does this work on facebook


    8. cool! hahaha. 😛 \

    9. @_@ hahaha

    10. it works! yey. i have a question, can i make two different kinds of stoves/counters to be unlimited?

    11. it works for me! thanks so muchh!!!

    12. it works!!! yey!!! thank u so much…

    13. hey there! im stuck at step 9? how do you change the value? thanks in advance!

    14. i already installed cheat engine but it didnt worked yet, my stoves are still 6, hinde na nadagdagan..need help on this..thanks…cheers

    15. hi, i would like to ask is this 1 time use? i have 21 stoves and i decided to add more…..

    16. thanks for sharing… it worked for me. thanks again! 🙂

    17. It worked… for about 4 mins… when i reloaded, i got a “sync error”, and not only lost ALL my stoves, and countertops, but all the food being cooked and served on them… damn…. any ideas on how to fix this?

    18. No, there is no way to get around this, all of the updates are now server side so it is impossible to save the changes you made with cheat engine. So, I repeat… this DOES NOT WORK anymore.

    19. NICOLE
      October 10th, 2009 at 5:21 pm


      Hi Nicole!!! Simply google firefox then download it. If you’re using Internet Explorer then that would also work.

      October 10th, 2009 at 9:02 pm

      it works! yey. i have a question, can i make two different kinds of stoves/counters to be unlimited?”

      @frizzzzzzzzzzz Just try it dear. =)

      October 11th, 2009 at 2:18 pm

      hey there! im stuck at step 9? how do you change the value? thanks in advance!”

      @abby, see the image under step 8? There’s an arrow pointing down where you can see, froze, description, address, type and value… highlight the first address that you have then double click the value, a pop up window will appear where you can change it.

      October 11th, 2009 at 4:45 pm

      i already installed cheat engine but it didnt worked yet, my stoves are still 6, hinde na nadagdagan..need help on this..thanks…cheers”

      @peachy, have you followed the steps carefully? Try it again and also review the video above how it was done so you’ll be able to get unlimited stoves. Enjoy!!! =)

      October 11th, 2009 at 10:12 pm

      hi, i would like to ask is this 1 time use? i have 21 stoves and i decided to add more…..”

      @Marivie, you can use it again, just be careful because sometimes it messed up.

    20. i love you!! thankss hope so new patch wont arrive hehehehhe …. but why i still spen coin duplicatig stoves

    21. @Lala, you’re welcome!! =) just want to ask… did you use the one you duplicate or the other stoves? If you only use the stoves that you have scanned, then there’s no reason of spending more coins. However, if you use other stoves than the ones you have scanned, then you definitely need to spend some coins, since it’s not the type of stove that you have scanned.

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    23. hey, id love to use this cheat but have a mac.. have tried downloading cheat engine but doenst seem to work…. is it poss to do this cheat on a mac???

    24. I tried this and it worked…I bought some stoves, then FF crashed and I lost the stoves and my money 🙁

      Should I have saved the changes on the cheat thing?

    25. @ claire

      you can borrow a pc to someone and have the cheat engine installed there. Customize your stoves and save it. The next time you open your game in a mac computer, you will see all your stoves there. Just make sure you plan well so you wouldn’t have to switch from mac to pc.

    26. is this still working? what if i have already 8 stoves? Do i need to have my flashplayer downgraded to 9 or is it working on flashplayer 10?

    27. I do not have foxfire. so I dont know what to click in the scan. I play this game on facebook.. so what should be used?

    28. hey i did al da steps & i get more then 3 adress so wat 2 do

    29. plz help me i did all tat steps its not workin i gett more then 3 adress every time i start over so wat 2 do plz help

    30. it works 😀 thanks for sharing 🙂

    31. do I have to download foxfire??? I really dont want to get rid of explorer… anyone have steps for explorer?

    32. Hi

      I used the engine cheat and got 14 ovens. My oven status reads 14 of 7. My question is can I reuse the engine cheat to get more ovens and what amount would I type into the engine cheat 7? or 14?


    33. i’ll try this

    34. @fleur, just type in 14, however, please proceed with caution because sometimes it screwed up. You might lose all your stoves.

    35. its really work..even i encounter error hehehehe

    36. i placed all my counters at the corner but sometimes my waiters dont serve the customers.. what do i have to do?

    37. Dude its SOOOOO funny that someone would hack a facebook game like this. fucking awesome, can you also Hack Evony like this? well done mate

    38. why i cant tick the frozen box??

    39. haha this is hilarious! i have stoves all over the place!! very neat and easy to follow!!! 😀

      trying to help..

      just do it again, you might have missed something..

      try to rearrange.. sometimes, when there’s something blocking their way, they can’t do anything.. also make sure that the counters are facing your crew otherwise, they can’t reach the food..

    40. I have tried to do this but kept loosing my stoves and counters is it because i am using vista?

      Thanks for any replies i get

    41. it works……thanks a lot……will i loose my stoves if i restart my computer or if i uninstall my firefox…..or delete the saved file from cafe world…..pls tell me….

    42. hiya! i already have 30 stoves and i want to add more.. can you teach me how to add again coz the stove was gone when i try to drag it back to the store… ty! 🙂

    43. I have dl’d Cheat Engine and have followed the steps to get more stoves but I have yet to get it to work..

      Im currently sitting at 5 of 5 stoves used, and followed the steps but it’s not working on Firefox..

      Could anyone help? Thanks!

    44. im not using firefox. pleasse help

    45. im not using firefox can u please help me. please

    46. I got it to work, but I can’t cook on the stoves. any ideas why?

    47. now I have 8 stoves out of 7. The rest all disappeared.

    48. cant we cook at the cheated stoves anymore? plss tell me coz all my cheated stoves dissapeared. plss help?

    49. I did exactly what you posted but it did not work Do you have any idea why? Please help 🙂

    50. i guess u cant cook at ur cheated stoves now.. am i ryt?or is it only me? plsss help.. my cheated 26 stoves had become 8 out of 8 nah 🙁

    51. duplicated stoves are now working now. cant cook 🙂 aw patched sad to say. please update if you have a chanCe:)

    52. so we cant cook on duplicated stoves?how sad.. 🙁 plss help us.. i have a bet and i realy need ur help 🙁

    53. the cheat is definitely not working again, I had gotten many stoves before, and they all still work, but I rearranged my cafe to make more room for counters, and they are definitely not holding. Zynga must have fixed their glitches so its not possible anymore

    54. then the great people here gotta do sumthing am i ryt? those genius people responsible for hacking the games should also update.. i hope soo 🙁

    55. sometimes, a lot of people commenting here are stupid. Are you not reading the whole post guys? There’s a reminder above that at anytime this cheat may not work because from time to time they are fixing those glitches and above all… why not play the game fair? Or if you can’t control yourself cheating, please don’t abuse using the cheat engine.

    56. all my cheat stoves are gone! pls help

    57. last time i do this cheat but now it doesnt work anymore until all my stoves are gone,what happen? pls reply tks!

    58. I have put in the stoves to the inventory to add more chaet stove and when I did the cheat again and added more stoves, I got an out of sinc error and all the stoves which I added disappeared. When I do it again, I am not able to cook on the additonal stoves. From 13 stoves I ended up with 8 out of 7 stoves. Please help…

    59. hey charm… were not stupid.. we just want these generous people to at least update their cheat if they can and we would really appreciate it. and why are you acting as if your a sour person?

    60. why do i always get out of sync error? when i go back to the app, whatever i produced on ce disappeared.. but ofcourse took all the money i spent. then i have to redo the ce procedure but again out of sync error appeared? just confused. sorry…

    61. m sori to inform u mate but the game is fixed.. that is also my prob. we hope that they would solve and make another cheat like this..

    62. it is working for me but when i clicked it to cook food…i can’t be clicked anymore…i tried to refresh the cafe world application all the stoves we’re gone except for my original stove..what will i do??

    63. Today

      my cafe same as eden too.

    64. seems its fixed, lol

    65. As per my understanding, seems several error for now…
      1) You can still put stove, but can’t cook…
      2) You get ‘Out of Sync’ and get kicked out of game…
      3) When you are back in game/after saving, the stove you put earlier will be gone…
      4) Same goes for speed hack in CE
      5) It tends to roll back often 😀

    66. i already added the stoves but the problem is i could not prepare a food for the additional stoves and everytime I refresh, it goes back to the previous stove I didn’t save…please help…

    67. I already put some stoves on my cafe..the only problem is i cannot prepare a food for the new stoves…and when i refresh the page, it goeas back to my previous stove,…it doesn’t save….please help…

    68. so yeah.. theyve fixed this already. fpr those who’ve done it before, i suggest not to re arrange anything anymore so that it will still work. my sister can still cook from her extra stoves but i cant since ive rearranged my cafe and stoves..

      hope there will be another way to fix this 🙂

    69. Hi, i already try the cheat engine to get more stoves but after complete the steps, the stoves is not used by me.After refresh the games, the stoves not show at my cafe.

    70. I’m glad the cheats are not working. whats the point of playing if you remove the challenge aspect. Cheats never prosper…

    71. why is that at first it works then when i saved it then reconnect may cafe all the stoves are gone?

    72. are the stove cheats still working???

    73. the cheat is not working anymore…
      pllzz make a new

    74. hi, i followed your insructions carefully i was able to add all the counters and stove that i wanted, pero wheni refreshed my browser, all the stove and counters i add are gone, went back to the original stuffs i have.. how do i save all the added stoves and counters?? help pls

    75. does this work to vista?

    76. why cant i cook on the extra stoves u click them and nothing happens whats point having them if cantc ok on them

    77. this hack is no longer working…

    78. I got all the stoves, but they all disappeared. Will they come back or have I ruined the game?

    79. I hacked and got a counter, but I lost it when I leveled up. Now My game is off and my buzz rating is low, is there a way to go back to the way it was?



    81. – hello.. i followed all the steps and i finally added more stoves.. but when i came back.. the added stoves are gone0_0..
      what’s the best step to save the stoves.. and what should i do so that it will all work..?

      .. thanks.. ^_^


    83. can you share how please? tnx.

    84. another stove cheat??


    85. i downloaded the engine and did the stepes u said and it did not work at all. please can you help.

    86. the hack is NO LONGER WORKING. If you have many stoves, DO NOT REMOVE THEM because you will never get them back again..

    87. hello.
      can u please share with me the other way to cheat the stove? please….

    88. Hi everyone…
      I did this afternoon n was working, I added 4 stoves, I pressed the green button( I didn’t mind click the save button on the right window where u can stop the music, may was better) n I start cook after few minutes the stoves are gone… back to the inventory but I can’t get its anymore. May be because I drag out the decorative stoves.
      I did again later n I didn’t realize that I got stoves working so I stopped the process, thinking to do again later, but after when I was ready to do it I couldn’t start the process. Once I selected mozilla n press for open the program anything happen. If anyone have an idea to solve the inconvenient or something to share post it… c u later ciao a tutti.


    90. @sophia, if you want more then you don’t have a choice but to put back the stove to the inventory. don’t worry, as long as you don’t sell anything you will get back the original stoves that you bought.

      Note: make sure you are not cooking anything when putting back the stoves to the inventory of you will lose the dish you cooking.

    91. well I dont recommend this anymore – sure it added a lot of stoves, but then would not let me cook on any of them and then when I went back to cafe, my 4 chickens were gone and only one left – so I am pretty much back to 0 for at least a day … and at least they let me keep my 7 stoves – just sucks as I had about 4000 dinners which would have been ready in a few hours ….. I guess that teaches me for trying out a cheat lol

    92. the cheatengine 5.5 doesn’t work anymore.
      need new cheat..

    93. y i follow the step by step from tis page,
      i got 5 stove
      when i drop 4th stove den the results show 1.
      cant make it like the results u show 1,7,7
      help me
      all the results show 1, i can put many stove in my restaurant, but after reload, all the stove gone away, left 5
      pls help me

    94. hello. is this cheat still working!? i tried this, for like 3 times, though whenever i refreshed the browser it’s still the same number stove i got here.

    95. yes i tried this and it worked but when i got like 10 stoves in my cafe it wouldnt let me cook on them and game said out of sync and it reloaded

    96. cheat engine and counter not already working

    97. it worked but i cant use the stoves.. wat m i goin to do?

    98. THANKS! But why some of the stoves doesn’t work? I can’t prepare food on them.

    99. It works still for me. But the problem is it only limits me to 17 stoves. I added like 26 stoves. After I saved it, and refresh my window, most of the stoves are gone except 17 are left.

    100. my stoves are gone after i sign back in. Including the food!!!

    101. it was succesful the first time, i had 30 stoves. but when i upgraded my stoves, it doesnt work anymore. maybe they already fixed the glitch… now i regret upgrading and taking out my old newbie stoves… im stuck with 10 stoves now, have to wait to level up to get more. but i can still cheat on the other stuff like chairs and tables…

    102. unlimited stove is not working anymore…… are there any new cheat for unlimited stove????

    103. ei… its workinggggggggggggg
      @another stove cheat
      share themmmmm

    104. Please help cos its working on me but when I go to my neighbors and get back at my cafe, my stoves are back to its old number:(Please help me on how to save this cheat 🙁

    105. The stoves are there but I cant cook on them 🙁 I can only cook on the stoves I have originally :(PLEASE HELP THANKS

    106. What happens now is I only have them for display 🙁

    107. This cheat is not working anymore because zynga already fix it..But i think hackers now are making a new cheat for this.. So, don’t worry about that..

    108. hi… ijust want to ask why i have been spending a lot for the unli stoves???

    109. AnotherStoveCheat

      care to share share, my e-mail is [email protected]

      thank you thank you

    110. I think you must inform everyone and let them understand that THIS CHEAT, is no longer working. And if they have existing additionla stove which they got from the cheat, do not (never try) try to add more stove, bec when you pull them down, you can never get them back anymore.

      I hope you learn something from me today. Bec all my added stoves went GONE.. and only got 12 (origal) stoves functioning..

    111. ‘….until you have 1-3 addresses found on the left side of the cheat engine.’
      i dont get this bit,i always get only 1 address.
      i change the valure to 1 and freeze it.
      den i save and click the green button.
      and i still have the same amount of stoves
      plz help me

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    113. What sense does it make to announce that there is a new stove cheat, but not share it with the people. You would want someone to share with you so do unto others and share with us please.


    114. what is the new cheat for the cafe world for unlimited stove? kindly post the procedure. tnx

    115. last night i tired to add more stoves. i already have 27 of 12. i ddnt check for any updates although i am heistant ca i might lose all my stoves..

      the cheat dsnt work anymore, you will be able to install additional stoves but u cant cook on them and once refreshed it will dsappear.

      its a gud thing cz i ddnt lose may exsting cheat stoves. just spent coins on additional stoves that i wasnt able to use…

    116. anyone know the new cheat to get more stoves?

    117. i did the trick but additional stoves not working??? how can i get them to work???

    118. anika

      I just did it. same results as you. spent 10k on new stoves couldn’t cook on them. tried saving it on the game after a page refresh i lost all my new stoves and new counters. Zynga has fixed this gliche for sure.

    119. hi, i did followed the steps i did have the stoves but the thing is i cant use it, its there in my cafe but i cant cook in it… what should i do to use the stoves

    120. icant use the stoves that were added.. i cant cook in it?
      what should i do?

    121. I think Zynga may have caught hold of this cheat – I only get one address in Cheat Engine 5 and the value continues to change as I move stoves out. When I freeze in 1 at the last step, I get extra stoves but am unable to cook anything on them ans when I refresh they disappear. Any suggestions?

    122. hi were can i get the CHEAT ENGINE? i’m trying to download it but it doesn’t really works? is there any website where i can take the cheat engine???

    123. i can’t cook..why?..the stove aren’t working..

    124. Hi.. The cheat is working perfectly but it doesn’t cook.. When I click on the stove nothing happens(on cafe world).. someone help? thanks

    125. the cheat is not working.. can someone PLEASE HELP ME!!

    126. waste when ever i will restart that appllaction all stoves are going

    127. please help me to do this because it does not work in my application (firefox)


    129. the cheats is no longer function anymore. u have tried it just now, and what i get is a lot of unusable stoves, a waste of my money, and my pending food, and my application mess up and keep on restarting itself. i think the cheats is outdated. =(

    130. je ne conpran pas prk sa marche pas jai tou je sui les instruction me sa marche pas che pas chui bloké kel kunpeux maidé??

    131. guyz p help nmn jan ^_^

      add nyo muna q [email protected]..

      yan FB q!!!

    132. AnotherStoveCheat
      October 25th, 2009 at 4:48 pm


      Please tell us how did u do it..plzzzz

    133. Yes Nella…Please tell us what text and codes did you modified?We are all verry curious.

    134. hello bro all the cheat r work” and i was very happy n enjoy but when log out log in back it all normal , all just dissapear how bro, plz reply me bro ur help really needed !

    135. well, I just can’t save it! where is that “green check mark”? I saved it, but I don’t think I saved it in the right place… :/

    136. so got any solution bro . plz reply

    137. nella bro what is another code for stove plz bro i need to conguer my relative !plz reply

    138. bro why it always show connection error if using cheat and non using cheat !plz reply

    139. I manage to do the cheat but then when I want to play it gives me an error…does anybody know why?

    140. plz any one help me !!! vellu

    141. I’m seeing that the stove cheats are no longer working. Frankly, I’d rather see a cheat for more counter space. All the stoves in the world don’t matter if you don’t have the counter space on which to serve you food, yes?

    142. so i have done the cheat and i have all my stoves. that was no problem. the problem, however, that i am having is that the stoves i have don’t work. i click on them to prepare a dish and nothing happens. please explain to me how i can fix this….

    143. I got the cheat stoves item but canot pull out. Can anyone help me to geti it? So nervouse… 🙁

    144. i got the cheated stoves but it doesn’t work..what will i do..please help me..thanks… 🙁

    145. Hi,
      I’m having the same problem. I got all my steps done, I can get all the stoves i want, but they don’t work when i click to prepare something. Maybe Zynga has figured us out. Darn! I just wanted to cook.

    146. OMFG you're all RETARDED

      Noobs, idiots and people that don’t read what was written above them. Keep asking same retarded questions over n over again.

      The patch ain’t working. Was it so hard for your puny brains to understand?? *SMH

    147. having hard time starting cheat engine.. help

    148. Hey, I thought it was a cool trick but unfortunately my Norton Antivirus said in the middle of the download that it was a severe hacking risk to my computer and it forcibly aborted the download and quarantined my download. Sorry but even if it does work, I’m not risky enough to tear up my computer.

      I loved the thought tho, is there a different program perhaps?

    149. Hey thanks for the tip, I tried it though and in the middle of the download my Norton Antivirus forcibly aborted my download and quarantined the program because it was a severe risk to my computer and it also told me that my computer was in danger of being hacked if I didn’t let it fix it. So thanks for the thought, but I’m not risking my safety of my computer for a cheat.

      Perhaps there is another cheat engine download? Or is this the only one? Thanks!

    150. Oh sorry disregard the other post, I thought my post didn’t go through in the first place. ^^;; Thanks!

    151. Same problem here with the cheat stoves not working. They are there but you can’t cook on them

    152. †R.I.P†

      i have many stove but i cant cook any dishes w/ it……!!!!???

    153. †R.I.P†


    154. I can add all the stoves I want, but when it come to cooking on them, it doesn’t work. I can see them but I can only use my original 16 stoves.

      Again, I have a lot of stoves, but all the stoves are not working.

      Any idea people? I CANT COOK IN THE CHEATED STOVES DAMN!!!!

    155. This cheat did work last year.
      But after zynga updated café world end october,
      no new unlimited stove hack was found.

      READ you dom ****.

    156. all the stoves are gone after reloading the game….what can u do about it???

    157. it doesn’t work anYmOre cuz,, zynga had already autotunnel GG(could manage for tunneling solution for every apps.)
      can dedict you,, if U r using a cheats,

    158. Worked for me but once I saved and closed the cheat all my “new” stoves and counters disappeared. Lost my gift food too! Crap. I hate there are not enough counters.

    159. hello, i’ve tried cheats with stoves and counters and it works, but then i get “out of sync” or i just logg of from cafe world and next time i go to c.f. they are all gone!!! how can i save them! please help! btw. i’m on mozilla! thx fwd! ;)))

    160. i think it’s more nice and right to wait until the stoves will come alone…. it’s pitty to loose averything cz you just want to move faster !!!!

    161. my problem is I can’t cook a food!!! and it can’t save@!!!!

    162. how to download cafe world hacker?
      who can send to me?
      my email is [email protected]

    163. who can help me?
      pls send hack to me!!!

    164. doesn’t work for me. help

    165. didn’t work with mine. i use firefox

    166. i do have lots of stoves but cant use it (sigh)

    167. Why is that the other stove cant be use?
      only 4!
      But of course!
      It works!
      Ihave now 58 stoves!

    168. why i can’t use my other stoves for cooking, now i have 22 but only 16 stoves are working??? pls help me…tnx…

    169. where is the frozen box?.. you are not giving the proper instruction

    170. @Sony… didn’t I show it using an image? read and check before you complain. I am giving proper instruction, it is just that… you don’t know how to read and follow. Thanks for dropping by here anyway.

    171. Instructions worked for me exactly as it says, but the problem is after you have added loads of stoves and put food on them and gone through the usual things you do. when you log out or even refresh your page, you lose everything except what you orginally had. good while it lasted lol.

    172. how to grab stove from serch engine

    173. it is work on google chrome?

    174. Hey guys worked perfectly for me when i tried it in my cafe using firefox browser….
      Only thing is dat even after saving the cafe its not there once refreshed….
      But its not a problem coz we can increase it when ever we want….

    175. I think it’s fixed people i think zanyga has prevented all hacks none i have tried have worked

    176. QUESTION…
      i did everything and it work for like 10 mins then it says there was a connect error. When i reload, the stoves are gone. This happened to my sister and i. HOW CAN I FIX THIS.?. please help me.. thanks

    177. connection error ***

    178. This doesn’t work as of March 2010.

      Even when you save game, refresh page and they go.

      Plus the stoves you add, you can’t cook with, so there is NO point.

    179. Lmao… it’s not that serious.

    180. Hi! Are we allowed to change the kind of stove? Like, you know,change it to a Drive-Thru Stove or something? Thanks in advance!

    181. wen i try dis cheat my mozilla firefox crashes….:(

    182. it’s VERY VERY GOOD!!

    183. pero paano pag kabalik ko walana ung ibang stove ko nagbalik sa 7

    184. I’d try and it seem like WORK, but as some others said, connection error msg keep appear than need to restart or reload the page, than in system Yes the stove still in your store but not in Cafe, and I can’t cook it? any update for these cheat again? Thanks and I appreciate what u had done here, even is not work for me but gain my knowledge, thank again, hopefully can get some update how to solve it! 😉

    185. hey guys when i click a duplicate stove nothing happens .
      i cant cook anything in the duplicate oven. can you please tell me how to cook on a duplicate oven

    186. when i am using cheat engine no matter what hack i try to do when i try to search the number of stoves it works but then when i search it again it doesn’t work every time and never works the third time around i have also tried the hack to get all recipes and my xp would show up when it changed how do i fix this problem???

    187. isa lang ipapahayag ang kantang i2!!!!!!!!!!!!…..^_^

    188. isa lang ipapahayag ko


      kantang i2

    189. please with is not working i have 13 counter because I’m in level 40 and I need more stove could you plz send me some help on the facebook

    190. cafe world addict

      It is working as of 5/3/2011 I have 38 stoves I personally found it did not work using firefox or IE so I found a program I could use and voila it worked I really did not want that many stoves but the whole catering thing has surely got me so in order to gain the catering points within the timeframe I got stove greedy lol.

    191. The Cheat Engine software has got a virus in it…!

    192. Still works 🙂

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