Tips and Tricks in Country Story

    Country Story is another game application in Facebook made by playfish. Like Farmtown and Farmville, it is also a farm game, however they differ in some ways.

    In country story, you will get to meet first the Mayor of the villagers. He’ll be the one to help you get started like manage your farm, decorate your home and prepare for your first harvest.You need to cooperate with your friends and other villagers like helping them water their crops. As a beginner lets explore and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside.

    How to get Started?

    First, the Mayor of the village will help you the basics like plowing your farm, plant your first crops, watering your crops and how to harvest. After completing the basic you are now ready to be of your own.

    If you are done with your tasks in your farm, you can visit your friends farm and help them water their crops. With this, you will earn extra green points and sometimes extra money.

    What are green points for?

    Green points or experience points help you level up. You earned it by completing various tasks in the farm like plowing your land, planting seeds, watering crops, harvesting crops, by helping your friends on their farms and by completing quests.

    Though stealing is bad, in country story you have the opportunity to steal crops from your friends farm and also your friends can also do the same to your crops. When you steal from your friends farm you also earn extra green points. It’s up to you then if you will practice stealing or not. =)

    What are quests?

    Quests are given to you everytime you level up. There are some characters in the villages like the mayor who usually gives you the quest. By completing quests, you will earn some stuffs like food for your stamina, fertilizers, seeds and coins.

    How to earn coins in Country Story?

    You can earn coins by selling your harvested crops,
    animal produce, and by completing quests. You can find your crops and produce that you can sell in your ‘storage’ section.

    You can also earn some random coins when plowing plots and watering crops.

    How to get seeds, foods and fertilizers in Country Story?

    You can purchase those items in the market or shop. Just click on the seed icon or the inventory icon then click view shop to see the things that you are allowed to purchase. There are some item that needs you to level up before you can buy those things.

    First time visit in your friends farm allows you to get extra money, foods, seeds, and fertilizers.

    As I mentioned above, by completing the quest has given to you allow you to get rewards such as food, extra coins, seeds and fertilizers.

    I’ll post some tips and tricks in country story based on my country story experience so stay tuned!

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