SMART Unlimited Call And Text SMARTTalkPlus 100

    Yesterday I subscribed to the newest promo of SMART the SMARTTalkPlus where you will get Unlimited Call and Text for 5 days for only 100 pesos.

    Actually, it is not totally unlimited call and text because you can only avail of the unlimited call and text from 10pm to 5pm for 5 days. So, if your call and text transaction would be between 5:01pm to 9:59pm, SmartTalk will charged you the following rates: 2.50/minute and P0.20/text. In addition, every after 10 minutes of your call it will be disconnected, thus you need to dial the number of the person you are calling again.

    The promo is open to SmartBuddy subscribers nationwide. It is my first time to register and use this service and so far, I did not encounter problems upon registration. You just need to text PLUS100 to 6401. You will received a confirmation from 6401 about the service. To call, you just need to dial *6401 + 11 digit SMART number you wish to call, example. *640109191234567

    SMARTTalk Plus is only available if you are not enrolled to any other SMART Talk Promo like All Text 20 and the like. So if ever you are currently enrolled to other SMART promos, you need to wait for your subscription to end before you can register to SMARTTalkPlus 100.

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    1. today is december 19, 2009 saturday

      may i ask if it still working just a confirmation if the promo is ended already

      thanks 🙂

    2. mmm… may i ask how much extra load you must have to avail this promo?… hmm.. why can’t i register since i have 10 pesos regular extra load? 🙁

    3. is the promo available in talk n txt subcribers???

    4. I registered to the smart talk100 last February 4, unli call expired after 5 days . i tried to register again using a re loader smart talk100 and received message that I have an existing unlimited call package. I dial again *6400 plus the smart number I am calling , then I received a text message that I am not registered to this promo. I hope smart should correct this because this will create inconvenience for the subscribers

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