Cafe World Tips and Cheats

    What is Cafe World?

    Cafe World is another restaurant game application like Restaurant City of Playfish, however they differ in some ways. Basic is, you manage your own cafe, hire friends to work as your crew, arrange your cafe the way you want it to be, cook the foods you want to serve, expand and beautify your cafe according to your style.

    So, let me share some tips, tricks and cheats based on my Cafe World experience.

    How to earn money in cafe world fast?

    In Cafe World, the money you earned depends on the food you are serving. For example you served 1150 Homestyle Pot Roast, you will earn a total of 5750 so that would be 5 coins per serving. So, if you have 3 counters with 1150 servings per counter, then you’ll get 17250 coins.

    Also, when you visit your friends cafe, technically you are supposed to earn money, however, there are some glitches and reports regarding this that needs to be fixed since it’s not working as of this time.

    You can also earn more coins if you add more friends. More friends equals more money coins daily.

    How to level up fast in Cafe World?

    Leveling up is fast depending on the dishes you cook. This dishes has a corresponding cafe points based on duration and value of the dish. For example, a French Onion Soup has a bigger cafe points compared to Bacon Cheeseburger. You will get cafe points everytime you prepare and after cooking the dishes. Below are some cafe points or experience points per dish.

    DISHCP MakingCP CookingCP CleaningTotal CP
    Bacon Cheeseburger3317
    Super Chunk Fruit Salad310114
    Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail317121
    Tikka Masala Kebobs615122
    French Onion Soup1248161
    Tony’s Classic Pizza2146168
    Spaghetti and Meatballs24751100
    Triple Berry Cheesecake151241140
    Voodoo Chicken Salad361311169
    Spitfire Roasted Chicken151941211
    Homestyle Pot Roast602181280

    See updated list of Cafe Points here.

    Tricks and Cheat for Serving Fast

    Arrange your tables near the counters so the waiters don’t need to waste time in walking.

    You can also trap your waiter with your counters, the dishes will be auto served with the waiter just picking them up from the counters. See image below.

    Cafe World Counters

    Cheats in getting more stoves and counter.

    Have you ever wonder why is it that some other players with lower level have so many stoves and counters? Simply because they are using cheat engine. The video below will explain how to do it. With this, you need a cheat engine 5.5, a Firefox browser or IE.

    Reminder: Zynga Networks Inc. is trying to fix this glitch in Cafe World so at anytime this cheat may not work anymore. Please proceed with caution.

    If the video above is not working anymore, you can read a detailed procedure on my blog post here.

    You can also visit Cafe Secrets Guide on how to get level 50 Cafe and have a bigger restaurant with lots of oven and money. This Cafe Secrets Guide was proven and tested by me.

    Visit Macuha.Com for more Cafe World tips and tricks and also menardconnect for Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips.

    You can also get additional Cafe World Tips and Cheats at Atma Xplorer with his/her post Cafe World Cheats, Tips and Hacks.

    Happy Cooking!!! =)

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    4. Nice cheats! =) Adik na pala si Mrs. Macuha!

    5. thanks for the cheat! i am addicted to this game:)

    6. nakaka addict nga talaga siguro itong game na ito ano πŸ™‚

    7. does this work with MAC also? Been trying to look for a link where I can download this cheat engine 5.5 for Mac but can’t find it. If you could provide a link and how to use it on MAC, that would be awesome =)

    8. Hi Zipper..I’m using also a mac..u can use not the same but very similar with Cheat Engine and it works! πŸ˜‰

    9. can you please tell me the cafe world coin cheat

    10. zipper
      October 10th, 2009 at 6:33 pm

      does this work with MAC also? Been trying to look for a link where I can download this cheat engine 5.5 for Mac but canÒ€ℒt find it. If you could provide a link and how to use it on MAC, that would be awesome =)”

      @zipper, Sorry but the cheat engine doesn’t work with mac.

      October 11th, 2009 at 9:11 pm
      can you please tell me the cafe world coin cheat”

      @vikrant, I will if I found one, just stay tuned!!! =)

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    13. After I do all the scans & add the unlimited items I click on the green tick. When I go back to my cafe after visiting a neighbour my items are still there but it doesn’t give me the unlimited option to add more items, dragging items to the store makes it disappear.
      What am I do incorrectly?

    14. @mish76 I doubt you didn’t scan the items correctly. Review your work and try it once again.

    15. @MayShella I have rescanned my items so many times. It shouldn’t be taking up this much of my time just scanning.

    16. Also, do I have to have Cheat Engine open every time I log in to Cafe World in order for it to work?

    17. any idea on how to reverse its effect on the buzz rate? i never get pass 6.0 after I “cheated”! HELP PLEASE! It’s hard to gain money. =(

    18. woot thanks.. i love the cheat..

    19. dont forget to freeze it after changing the values to “1”

      what is the curent max level?

    20. i need coin cheats..pls help…asap^^

    21. coin hack for cafe world please….

    22. @jojo, you can read my latest post about coin cheat

    23. i need instant coins^^ lots of ’em^^ please^^

    24. I have done exactly like in the video and it worked perfectly the first time! But when i wanted to try one more time now it only comes upp 1 adress instead of 3? What have i done wrong? Or what have happened?

      Ive done it for both me and my GF but after I soled some of the stoves i cheated to get it dosnt work any more…

      i got 3 adress for 5mins ago and then Mozilla crashed becuase the ” value ” 22 is changing all the time ?

      Would be really glad for some pro help πŸ˜€

    25. @daniel, 1 address is still okay, it will still work, however, cheated stoves are not advisable to sell and that’s one mistake you’ve made. sorry for that πŸ™

    26. it works but i need to click customize and check button over and over again to get customers, if i dont click it there are NO customer at all unlike before when i still didnt use the cheat engine, im getting tired of clicking it over and over again, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

    27. this lay out works. I will not be using cheats hope you can post more effective lay outs. Thanks!

    28. help needed.. the first time that i did it, it works.. but then i tried to do the stove cheat again, the stove that i put in my inventory is locked. i think they have reformat the cafe world since yesteday that’s why the cheat doesn’t work anymore.. help.. thanks!

    29. Hello again,, yes maybe it was bad of me to try to sell the stoves… but what the heck i got them for free and accidently bought the 24carat gold stove….

      But before when i did the cheat i got the stoves for free? But now i get nothing for free… I even loose one stove when trying to do the cheat?

    30. is there anyway i can unlock some of stoves after i had done the works at the first time,,but wen i clean some up, i pulled it in but cant pull it back out…please help..thanks

    31. There are new recipes.

      Caramel Apples
      Chips and Guacamole
      Pumpkin Pie
      Vampire Steaked Steak

      Could you add that to the list?


    32. nice tips. especially with the CP…

      mind adding the cook time in the table as well? just so we can have a comparative reference. see, the pot roast may give high CP but how often can you get that CP if you have limited stoves.


    34. @Hesitant
      – Open CE & cafe world
      – Value Type : Array of Bytes
      – Chek \”HEX\” scan : 85 c9 0f 84 3b 00 00 00 8b 55 08
      – Klick \”Fisrt Scan\”
      – There are three address select the first
      – Double Klick and change C9 to CA
      – Buzz faster Up 105
      – If should finish Change back CA to C9
      – Look Coin up and Faster Buzz

    35. Does Cafe world expand the restaurant by how many neighbors u have or by leveling up?

    36. Hey all,

      I have a problem….my waiter doesnt seem to do his work properly. He serves some people but stands around most of the time.

      What can I do?

      Am losing buzz ratings.

    37. @Kim, Your restaurant will expand by purchasing your desired cafe size. See the Bricks Icon beside the Functional Icon? Click it then you can choose what cafe size you can buy.

    38. @Michelle, try to rearrange your tables.

    39. i will try your one trick that caught my attention,,the rest i already knew it the day that i started playing this,,if the waiters are to trap then how they are suppose to clear the tables?thanks

    40. i guess u cant cook at ur cheated stoves now.. am i ryt?or is it only me? plsss help.. my cheated 26 stoves had become 8 out of 8 nah πŸ™

    41. wow wat a good cheat its the best

    42. sometimes, a lot of people commenting here are stupid. Are you not reading the whole post guys? There’s a reminder above that at anytime this cheat may not work because from time to time they are fixing those glitches and above all… why not play the game fair? Or if you can’t control yourself cheating, please don’t abuse using the cheat engine.

    43. Im done with the cheat engine but when i drag stoves at my cafe my money decrease, just like i had paying for additional stoves, did i done something wrong? it is supposedly free right? pls. help, big thanx

    44. I was trying to do cheats and add more stoves but it does not save the changes and keeps on crashing. I think they had the glitch fixed already and cheat is no longer working. I’ve done it multiple times and it’s no longer working…

    45. I just unlocked Chicken Gyro and Fries. (gyro rhymes with hero by the way) It serves 22 and is ready in 10 minutes. You get 3 CP for making and 10 CP for cooking.

    46. hello there! it works at me but when i reload my cafe, all the stoves that i installed is back at the shop, what should i do to save it? help me… thanks

    47. it doesnt work! everytime i refresh the page the counters and stove installed goes back with the one i originally have. same as JM

    48. Please forget about stove and counter cheat recently. They fixed the glitch. However, you can still cheat chair and tables if you have at least 2 existing ones.

    49. what gives the most experience points please – not the money as i have a lot of that

    50. @Nikki, new blog post for Cafe Points, this will answer your question.

    51. chris

      Please forget about stove and counter cheat recently. They fixed the glitch. However, you can still cheat chair and tables if you have at least 2 existing ones.

      Nope, it is still working you just have to know how to use the full power of the cheat engine ^_^, even if you only have 1 stove it will still work you just have to learn how to use the cheat engine. you can also use cheat engine to cook Impossible Quiche or other recipe higher than your lvl.

    52. hi CheatEngineUser, sound like u had another way to hack it with cheatengine.. can u pls teach us? πŸ™‚

    53. pls CheatEngineUser teach us how to use it… thank you

    54. yes CheatEngineUser, teach us your ways

    55. @ Michelle – just trap your server inside your counters and stove area. Build a square or rectangle so he cannot get out. Then servings will automatically appear in front of your guests when they sit down. Your buzz rating will go up faster since your server doesn’t have to walk back and forth between the customers and the counter.

    56. You can also place a stove, counter, chair, or table in front of the door when you leave your cafe. Then customers cannot come in and your buzz rating will not change. When you click back out of the customize field, there will be one group of customers, but after they leave no one can get in until you move the item away from the door.

    57. ei, cheatengineuser do you really know the other way to hack stoves again? i dont believe you, coz if you really know it, u must share it, but you’re not!..SO i guess, you also don’t know..hahaha

    58. @ ayel — i was thinking the same thing about cheatengineuser. however, another one way might be that, he wants to keep it as a secret. i have read another post somewhere that someone actually found another method in order for this stove/counter hack work and he succeed. however, he won’t tell what he was doing and instead, he was somewhat boasting that he was be able to do it. oh, well. hopefully we’ll find out the answer.

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    60. The trapping the waiters trick does not work anymore and hasnt for the last 4 weeks

    61. My Buzz rating was 105 straight for a week or more
      then all of a sudden early this week it has dropped down to 5
      I have food cooking all the time – full counters – waiters trapped – cook trapped and still my buzz rate will not increase….

      What else can I do?

    62. buzz))))

      Hi im cafeworld.
      i help some peoples in problems.
      what problem i should solve now?
      @Soots:Huh what ur problem will not solve anymore.
      trapping from all things is solved if u do again a new cafe.

    63. cafeworld — i could not understand your english.

    64. i did the trick with their ovens and put people like, but I can not cook on them. why;

    65. I am very dissappointed why we need to cheat! What is the point ? Maybe as commented, one may be more satisfy by leveling up and get more coins (unreal) faster by cheating intead of working hard up the levels! Even one obtain everything…its just by cheating, isn’t it !


    67. hey

      i am trying to figure out how to level up fast without using the secrets guide cos i dont have enough money to buy it atm.

      i was wondering…

      how do you get it because on the comments it says it is a book and i am confused :/

      the comments about it are good and i really wanna tesr it out! please someone answer back πŸ™‚

    68. guys fix your sitting arrangement…..our cust wants a place where they can move around .. to have a good rating it depends also on how you trap the cook and waiter for example if you have 4 waiter there should be 1 space for each person…1 floor for each person….this work if you open your cafe world and you see people are not eating…customize it as soon as possible always fix your chair and table are customer ,chef,waiter wants also to feel comfortable in their place….remember guys it is cafe world…where we must meet cust satisfaction

    69. WOW! thanks for putting out the most comprehensive cafe world tips out there. I have a feeling this will help me alot

    70. Can someone help me please.
      I am trying to change my walls and have added two more tables i press save game and the tick then when i go back theyve gone back again helppp please

    71. Everytime i try to make changes to my cafe i press save game but when i return back to my cafe it goes back to us original state. Helpppppp please

    72. When I rearrange my tables and chairs, I hit save but when I go out and back in, everything is back to what I originally had.

    73. Cafe World Cheat video has been removed fro youtube…. Too bad I am a littl late

    74. hey,
      try to put your tables in a rectangle and put your counters in the middle … you waiters end up serving everyone faster..

    75. Guys i have a new cheat that does not require cheat engine. It allows you to level up FAST! U can use this with any browser.

      Ok here’s the concept. Burgers allow you to obtain 6 cwp (cafe world points) from each stove. That’s 1xp from each of the 3 prep tasks and 3 for serving. Let’s say you have 8 stoves at the moment and u cook burgers on all. That’s 8×6=48xp for a whole set of stoves in each sitting. Ok now let’s assume u cook burgers for an hour without stopping. Each burger takes 5 mins and let’s add an extra min to clean the stoves. That’s 6 mins everytime. So in 1 hour we can cook 10 sets of burgers. That’s 6×10=60mins.

      So what’s 10x48xp? That’s 480xp every hour!!

      But who can be bothered to cook burgers constantly like that? Not me that’s for sure! That’s where my cheat comes in and I hope u use it cos I levelled from level 13 to level 23 in just 3 days of running the cheat… So here we go.

      Step 1. Download a keyboard and mouse recording program. There’s many. I’m on mac and I use Keyboard and Mouse Recorder 2.1 and there’s many also for windows.

      Step 2. Lauch your recording program and start cafe world.

      Step 3. Record your mouse movements as you buy burgers for each stove, prep each stove, wait 5 mins, serve each burger and clean each stove. (don’t rush this it’s very important the screen doesn’t ever budge so click carefully).

      Step 4. Once your stoves are all cleaned up, stop the recording.

      Step 5. Set the preferences on your recorder to playback the actions as many times as you want.

      Step 6. Sit back, watch your mouse cursor move around on it’s own and watch yourself level up everyday!

      Tips: be aware that yes you can leave the room and let it do it’s thing but u have to check on it now and then. Sometimes a connection error may pop up or something and youll have to set the program to start again.

      Use short cooking dishes to gain xp quick and minimize the time period for popups.

      Don’t let the screen budge once when clicking because it will eventually move away from the stove being clicked and won’t work for one or more stoves.

      Use the front centre point of each stove as your click point for reference so if u do need to reset the recorded actions to play back u know where to manouver the screen so it’s clicking in the right place.

      I’m using this cheat to level up high enough so I have a good number of stoves for big dishes to cook on. I hope you guys enjoy it and eventually get the amount of stoves you want with the technique for reduced levelling up time I’ve given you.

      A special thanks to the cheat engine geeks that are still working on new hacks. I know the recent October 21st update caused a set back. Keep up the hard work and we look forward to hearing from you.

    76. Guys please remember the above cheat I’ve submitted is for xp only. It doesn’t really help u get money but it does help u level up like once or twice per day if u run it for long enough. And as we all know the higher the level the more stoves we can have which ultimately = MORE MONEY (with big dishes)

      don’t forget to all newcomers to trying to use cheat engine that none of the cheats including the favourite unlimited stoves hack NO LONGER WORKS as of the Zynga game update on october 21st. Your stoves will reset when u exit the game even if u save. Anyone who used this cheat before that date can keep the cheated stoves. Lucky guys.

    77. Friends, I am not very fluent in English, then I could not find cheats to get money or to get more stoves, ask for some of you send these … to my e-mail:

      Thanks (my English is OK?)

    78. that place all waiters lockwd doesnt work!!!!!!!! i putted 3 waitersn there!!

    79. ……………………………….wowwww

    80. …I hOpe so.. does it really work.

    81. Hi ronald redito! ur filipino ba?

    82. Hi Shella,
      Pa ex link naman cafe cheats ko. hehehe. tnx

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    84. Please, how can I trap my waiters inside the counters?

    85. hi guys… just want to ask is it possible to send your gifts and tables to your neighbors?? if so, how?

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