Cafe World Points In Facebook Cafe World Game

Cafe World Points or Cafe Points is what you need to level up in Cafe World Game. In other game application, they call it as Experience Points. Everytime you cook a dish, you get a corresponding Cafe Points per dish.

If you want to level up fast, you should know the corresponding cafe points per dish and its cooking time.

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I have created a table below to show you the complete Cafe Points per dish. With this, it will help you decide what food to cook so you will be able to level up fast.

The Cafe Points Table is arranged from lowest Cafe Points to highest Cafe Points.

DISHCook TimeCP MakingCP CookingCP CleaningTotal CP
Chips and Guacamole3 mins3014
Bacon Cheeseburger5 mins3317
Super Chunk Fruit Salad15 mins310114
Chicken Gyro and Fries10 mins310114
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail30 mins317121
Tikka Masala Kebobs1 hr615122
Caramel Apples2 hrs1222135
Fiery Fish Tacos2 hrs1533149
French Onion Soup4 hrs1248161
Tony’s Classic Pizza5 hrs2146168
Kung Pao Stir Fry4 hrs2153175
Pumpkin Pie12 hrs1560176
Spaghetti and Meatballs8 hrs24751100
Vampire Steaked Steak1 day15971113
Triple Berry Cheesecake12 hrs151241140
Voodoo Chicken Salad12 hrs361311169
Overstuffed Peppers12 hrs451601206
Spitfire Roasted Chicken1 day151941211
Herbed Halibut1 day212031225
King Crab Bisque1 day541971252
Homestyle Pot Roast2 days602181280

The Cafe Points table below will be updated as soon I reach the level required for the said dishes. Just stay tuned.

DISHCook TimeCP MakingCP CookingCP CleaningTotal CP
Crackling Peking Duck0 hrs0000
Powdered French Toast00000
Impossible Quiche00000
Grand Tandoori Chicken00000

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You have an idea now as to how much Cafe Points you get per dish and with the help of this CP table, it would be easier for you to plan what foods to cook in your cafe.

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Happy Cooking!!

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  2. Impossible Quiche 2 days to cook

  3. great tips!

  4. Thanks a lot. A great help 🙂

  5. plz add the details of new dishes introduced

  6. @Ashutosh just stay tuned, need to level up first.

  7. I am not able to download 5.5 cheat program.
    Can someone help? please!
    Show me how to get it.

  8. The new duck dish
    I’m pretty sure this is it, as far as I remember

    15 points for cooking and prep.
    1 for clean up
    203 when served
    total 219
    hope this helps 🙂

  9. Fiery Fish tacos

    2hours to cook

    1cp cleaning
    45cp preparation
    33cp serving

  10. Can you please include the two newest dishes–Crackling Peking Duck and Herbed Halibut? Thanks! 😀

  11. hey do u know what is the max level in cafe world?

  12. lots of info including the cp for the later dishes can be fund on this spreadsheet

  13. Wow! Thanks for this, shamengb! 🙂

  14. Hello Mrs. Macuha,

    you purchased the CAFE WORLD SECRETS in pdf?

    could you kindly share it to us that can’t afford to buy a 27dollar pdf file. please? =(

    begging you.. thanks..

  15. total cp of Overstuffed Peppers
    is not 106 its 205

  16. @Ashutosh, thanks for that, I maybe overlooked that one.

  17. Powdered French Toast:

    20 mins to cook 37 servings

    3 pts prep
    17 pts serve

  18. @Ashutosh

    I got 160 cp just for serving overstuffed peppers. 45 cp for prep and 1 for stove clean = 206 cp

  19. Powdered French Toast –
    Cook Time = 20 minutes
    CP Making = 3
    CP Cooking = 17
    CP Cleaning = 1
    Total CP = 21

  20. Hey, Guys! Im a Café world Neard and i need som help. I have the programs: The Cheat and ihaxgamez, but I can’t find any guides to use them with café world. Plz link to A website, so I can start cheating :D, Thx!

  21. what about the savory stuffed turkey?
    whats the total cp of that?

  22. Wat about the Gingerbread house?
    Wats the total CP for that?

  23. You get 4 points to prep it so 20
    1050 after the 5 days of cooking
    altogether a total score of 1070

  24. 1071 after clean up… sorry

  25. Ken Phu From Cafe World

    You forgot to add Chicken Pot Pie and a few other things

  26. does anyone know the cp points earned for cooking the impossible quiche?

  27. i should say impossible quiche is 25 x 3 = 75 for making. but i don’t know how much you earn when it is served. Does anyone know the cp points for serving the quiche?

  28. wat is the max level for this currently lvl69 already…=.=

  29. quiche is 320 CP !

  30. Tandori Chicken gives 63 for cooking and 340 serving = 403
    Quiche gives 75 for cooking and 275 serving = 350

  31. adictted2cafeworld

    thx 4 the tips im addicted 2 cafe world

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