Fishville New Special Fish Food Feature

    Fishville has a new Fish Food feature added today. Level 5 and up can get the first batch of special foods for your fish.

    The Special Food Feature is the latest update in Fishville game. With this feature you get the chance to control the hunger of your fish with the “Caffeine” food. On the other hand, you can also accelerate the growth of your fish by feeding them the “Super Grow” food.

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    Farmville Farm Themes To Be Release By Zynga

    Zynga is taking a step forward by introducing Farm Themes in Farmville game in Facebook. Farm Themes let the players personalize their farms the way they wanted it to look like according to their own style. It’s a set of items that when used will give your farm a different look. If you want your farm to turn into a Old West style or a Western Ranch style, you choose the items from the appropriate theme.

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    How To Earn Money Online

    So much for the hiatus, I’ve been silent for a long time for not updating this blog so I think it is time for me to work and break the silence.

    A lot of my friends asked me, “How do I earn online” because they wanted to earn online as well. There are many opportunities over the Internet that is why I love to be online every day and I love the Internet. Actually, there are many ways to earn money online. However, it’s not as easy as others may think.

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