Cafe World Cheats On Counters and Cafe World Cheat Tips

    I received lots of questions about Cafe World Cheats on how to cheat on counters, why it’s not working with them, what to do, why there are some errors, the game messed up, my PC crashed and so on and so forth.

    First and foremost, when you agree to use the Cheat Engine, you also agree to take the consequences. Nobody encourage you to use the cheat engine, thus, I told you on my previous post that if you want to download the cheat engine, download it at your own risk. You are the one responsible to whatever actions or decisions you make.

    Second, nobody encourage you to cheat. It is your will and choice to cheat cafe world or other games in Facebook. So, when things go wrong with your game after using the Cafe World Cheats, just accept it. We can’t do anything about it.

    Anyway, in relation to some questions that I’ve been receiving, let me share some Cafe World Cheat Tips that you may encounter upon doing some Cafe World Cheats.

    Cafe World Cheats On Counters are the same procedure on “How To Cheat Stoves“, but for others let me share again the procedure for you to follow.

    Reminder: Zynga Networks Inc. is trying to fix this glitch in Cafe World so at anytime this cheat may not work anymore. Please proceed with caution.

    Cafe World Cheat Tips

    1. Make sure you have the cheat engine 5.5, since this is the software you need to do some cheats. Again, let me reiterate that when you download it, you know what are the consequences that might happen in your computer and with your game.

    2. This cheat will only work with Firefox or Internet Explorer. So, if your problem is just you don’t have Firefox to perform it, it’s so simple honey, you can just simply download Firefox for free or if you don’t want to download it, just use Internet Explorer instead.

    3. So far, Cheat Engine 5.5 is not available in Mac so if your using Mac, I’m so sorry. I think you need to buy extra PC. =)

    4. If you’re hesitant and worried that it might screw up your game, better not cheat, just play the game as it is and just enjoy it.

    5. You can create another account to experiment this Cafe World Cheat if it’s working or not so not to screw up your current game.

    6. If your game screwed up, there are only two reasons, first, you didn’t follow the correct procedure or you did not understand how to do it.

    Cafe World Cheats On Counters

    1. Go to Cafe World and open your cheat engine.
    2. Select the program you are using. If you’re using Firefox ,select Firefox and open.
    3. Click “Functional Icon” then the “Counter Icon”. You will see 4 of 4 counters used (depends on how many counters you have in used).
    4. Go to cheat engine and put “4” on the hex box then hit “First Scan”.
    5. Drag 1 counter down into your inventory, so you’ll have 3 of 4 used counters.
    6. Go back to cheat engine and change the number in the hex box from 4 to 3 then press “Next Scan”.
    7. Repeat step 5 and this time you’ll have 2 of 4 counters used. Repeat step 6, change the number in the hex box from 3 to 2 then press “Next Scan”.
    8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have 1-3 addresses found on the left side of the cheat engine.
    9. Double click each addresses to go down at the bottom part of the cheat engine.
    10. Change the value of all remaining addresses to 1 and then click the “frozen box” to freeze.
    11. Go to Cafe World and add the counters as many as you like. Don’t leave without saving, click the “Green check Mark’ to save.
    12. To check if your counters are being saved, go to your neighbors and then go back to your cafe, you’ll see if it was saved or not.

    As of today, the Cafe World Cheats are still working. I have checked it before posting this post.

    You can also visit Cafe Secrets Guide on how to get level 50 Cafe and have a bigger restaurant with lots of oven and money. This Cafe Secrets Guide was proven and tested by me.

    More cafe world tips here.

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    2. does it give you a virus? And if it does, what does the virus do?

    3. tthnnk you very much

    4. any idea on how to reverse its effect on the buzz rate? i never get pass 6.0! HELP PLEASE!

    5. do you have instructions on coin hack?

    6. can you pls give some cheats and tips that’s free because i dont want to download that cheat engine of yours because that can damage my laptop and if my laptop is damage i cant use it anymore,so pls give some cheats that’s free. okay

    7. i can’t tick the frozen box??? what should i do??

    8. cheat engine has no side effect or something so feel free to download,,if u like to level up

    9. hi… is it poss to do this on a mac??? if so how???

    10. @claire, cheat engine 5.5 does not work with mac.

    11. Just a quick other trick if you haven’t figured it out already…

      When you run out of food to serve on your counters and you still have customers coming in… remove the doors to your cafe (just put ’em back where you found ’em). That will give you a chance to cook more food and keep your buzz rate up. When you’re ready to serve more food – put your doors back on! 😉

    12. not worked for me..after visited my neighbor,all stoves gone..LOL

    13. caught in the act!!! Not working anymore.. as of today, my previously 18 stoves goes down to 12 when I want to add more today… too bad..

      I hope you can do another hack again for us.. thank you…

    14. yes plllz make a new hack..plzzz

    15. i cannot cook foods for the 20 stoves im only 6 stoves but the cheats is worked but i cannot cook for the other
      stoves why???

    16. the cheats is working but i cannot put or to cook foods for the 20 stoves that i cheats why???

    17. the cheat multi stove isn’t work now… ne1 found how to use multi stove?

    18. i currently have 26 stoves from the cheat engine for about 3 weeks now .. ive had no problem .. my buzz rate is still 105 .. i can also cook on all 26 stoves ..
      im on level 35 now …

      its all good ..

    19. @Just_Me: You did this three weeks ago, thats when the hack wasn’t fixed. I don’t think it works now because Zynga did something to patch it.

      If anyone finds a way to bypass it, please share. 🙂

    20. the only cheat works is the speedhack NOTE: for dishes that are served already

    21. it not working anymore…can u make new one please T_T

    22. i tried to do the cheats it was successful at first after saving and going to friend’s cafe, when i went back it was all gone..

    23. same thing happened to me. the stove cheat wasnt save although the counter cheat saved only 1 out of the 15 new stoves i added.

    24. All of the stoves cheat are not working anymore Zynga server already fix the cheats ,if b4 who already make this stoves cheats still can use, i got 41 stoves until now all still can cook and i’m lv60 now…

    25. Its not working for me 🙁 It did after a loooooong while but then all my stoves were lost!! What do I do?

    26. I can´t use the Stoves, What Happened?

    27. Can do the trick but can’t cook with the additional stove/counter

    28. it cant work. cant cook

    29. Shittttt!!!!!!!!! i can’t cheat who invet this cheat he is such a mother fucker i follow the instructions and it didn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. Thank you very much for cheat

    31. thanks, it works on my cafe world…

    32. The first step is easy, but wehn I scan the second time the engine doesnt find anything ;/ … maybe I made something wrong…

    33. I’ll try it later
      If it works,I thank you
      even it doesnt work hehe:))

    34. What`s this “infinity stove” looks like?


    35. some of you flipping peoples comments are so far out there, do you do any research before you act? im thinking you lack that common sense move.

      MAC people cheat engine does not work on MAC.

      Foolish people that are buying cheat engine? its free google it, google can be your friend

      virus…….. did someone get a virus from cheat engine? what did you download a bit torrent, ive used and had others use cheat engines many different versions and not once has there been a virus loaded along with it.

      and to those WHINY butts out there, do you really think Zynga is not reading these same blogs and posts, are ya that big of a fool? yeah there reading and fixing there games, if a cheat dont work, too bad so sad, your a day later and a dollar short, Zynga put the fix in before you could cheat your way to paradise……… in a game, thats rich LOL

      Wake up and smell the coffee folks, quit blaming your brain dysfunctional on people who share tips or cheats, just like anything else, its bound to catch up with you

      im outtie

    36. hello i was just wanting to know how will we know when we have are super stoves cause it said you have to be the e-mail club and i am & i do not have my super stove can you e-mail me to let me know thank you so much.

    37. Regarding This Cheat – Cafe World Cheats On Counters –

      When I read the tricks above, the date today was April 9, 2010. Does this trick still works now?

      Im afraid to try the cheat, as others said, their accounts have been banned, and cannot login anymore to play the game.

    38. hey guys there is a problem with this .in this stoves procedure you cant cook any thing in the duplicate stove

    39. If i type 12 then save then neighbors then go back it goes stupid i dont like this cheat i like the money

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