Farmville Cheats And Tricks

    I thought I have already posted Farmville Cheats but upon checking I haven’t posted one yet. What I have shared on my previous blog entry was the Farmville Stacking Tricks, Farmville Toolbar and Farmville Farm Themes.

    This time, I will share to you some Farmville Cheats and Tricks being used by some Farmville players. In this kind of cheat you can harvest fast, plow and plant faster. What you will need for this kind of cheat is the Cheat Engine 5.5 and Farmville Clicker Tool.

    How To Harvest, Plow and Plant Fast?

    1. Open Cheat Engine 5.5
    2. Click Computer Icon and choose the browser you are using. (e.g. Firefox)
    3. Click Hex box and type 5000
    4. Click the Enable Speedhack box and set the speed to 10.0 then click First Scan.
    5. After your First scan, open your farmville clicker.
    6. Go back to Cheat Engine and click the Apply Button below the speed metter.
    7. In your Farmville Clicker, set the size you want to plow, harvest or plant.
    8. Click the Net button to identify the area you want to click. For more detailed instructions, please watch the video tutorial below.

    Don’t have the Farmville Clicker tool? Download Here.

    Disclaimer: You may use or not use this kind of Farmville Cheats. Upon downloading, you agree and understand the possibilities that may happen to your computer. The author is not liable for any damages that may harm you, please download at your own risk.

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    1. ‘ ENGE NAN CHEAT NiO .. NiD CO LANG ..

      TNX !!

    2. ‘ ENGE NAN CHEAT NiO ..
      NiD CO LANG ..

      TNX !!

    3. but ganun fake ung cheatengine nio mga bitch!

      nakakasira ng araw buwiset!

    4. maybe this version is the old one, Zynga is updating FarmVille so some old cheat engine will not work or there must be something wrong with the config.

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