Farmville Toolbar Launched

    Good news to all farmers! Farmville developer Zynga had launched the Official Farmville Game Bar. It’s a tool that allows you to keep track the status of your farm while surfing the web, so you do not need to check and re-check your farm just to make sure that your crops will not go into waste.

    Most often than not, farmers tend to forget that they have some crop that needs to be harvest. With this new feature of Farmville, farming is now easier.

    The Farmville Toolbar will help you monitor how much time is left until your crops are ready to harvest and that would help lessen the chances of getting your crops wasted. With this tool, you will be the first to know the new features and items in Farmville and you can play Farmville with just one click of a button. Is it not cool?

    The farmville toolbar will looks like this in your browser.

    By the way, the farmville toolbar is only available to all Firefox user and you can click here to download the toolbar.

    Happy farming!!!

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    1. Hi She,
      FV is quite annoying these past few days because of its performance issue. Hope they can fix it soon

    2. rita jean charchuk

      I can’t even get to my farmville game today, ever since this morning that is. I put in a Google Toolbar and got a new firewall from my Internet Provider today. Would that be why I can’t get on my fv game? I hope there is a solution and I can fix this as soon as possible so I can go back to playing my game. Thank you.

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