Fishville New Special Fish Food Feature

    Fishville has a new Fish Food feature added today. Level 5 and up can get the first batch of special foods for your fish.

    The Special Food Feature is the latest update in Fishville game. With this feature you get the chance to control the hunger of your fish with the “Caffeine” food. On the other hand, you can also accelerate the growth of your fish by feeding them the “Super Grow” food.

    Players at Level 5 and up get a 2 Super Grow Food Samples and 2 Caffeine Food Samples. Just a heads up, you only have 2 Free Samples each food so use it wisely. I suggest that if you feed your fish, click once the fish that you want to feed and then feed another fish.

    Special Foods are not free at all. After your free samples, you need to buy the special foods using your sand dollars and that would cost you 1 sand dollars.

    There is more great foods for your fish coming on the way so just stay tuned!!

    Happy Fishing!!!

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    1. i don’t play fishville,, XD

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