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    So much for the hiatus, I’ve been silent for a long time for not updating this blog so I think it is time for me to work and break the silence.

    A lot of my friends asked me, “How do I earn online” because they wanted to earn online as well. There are many opportunities over the Internet that is why I love to be online every day and I love the Internet. Actually, there are many ways to earn money online. However, it’s not as easy as others may think.

    Someone can explain “How to make money online” in its simplest form but when you do start it, it’s a little bit hard. Simply because you need a lot of patience, determination and knowledge.

    I am not an expert in making money online, I can only share some things that I have learned through blogging and other online making money program that I have encountered. I would like to remind everyone that I am not telling you to follow everything I write here because there are things that may work for me that might not work for you or vice versa. This is just to explain in just one post the things that my friends would like to know on how to earn money online instead of sending them individually a private message.

    So, how do I earn online? I earn online through my blog. A blog is like an online diary just to inform those who doesn’t know what a blog is. I write anything and everything that interests me to blog like the games in Facebook, about my pet and other things that I think is “bloggable” hehehe.

    Since I already have a blog, I signed up a particular program called Adsense. With this program, I can place Adsense code on my blog that would display targeted Google ads. It would help you if you know a little about HTML codes but if you don’t have any knowledge about HTML’s that would be fine, you will just get the hang of it.

    With Google Adsense, you need to learn how to drive visitors in your site. The more visitors you have, the higher chances of getting a lot of VALID clicks. With Adsense, you have the option to receive your earnings through Western Union or through check. Your earnings will depend on how many clicks you get, page impressions and CTR. You cannot just ask your friends and relatives to visit your site and do some clicks in your ads because it’s a big violation. Google can identify a valid click to a bogus click. If this happen, Google will terminate your account and forfeit all your earnings.

    Success in making money online cannot be done overnight. You need to do some research, study what you have learned, apply the things that you’ve learned and a lot more. It doesn’t mean that when you put up a blog today, you will earn big the following day. It’s not that easy. You still have a lot of things to do like optimization, proper placement of your ads, link building and so on. It would take you some time to get the result of your labor.

    You need to learn how to optimize your blog and your posts. With this, it’s hard for me to explain further but would like to recommend that you download and read the FREE E-BOOK written by Atty. Diaz and edited by my husband. The e-book will help you understand how to earn online since they provide tactics and strategies on blogging.

    Aside from Google Adsense, you can earn through Affiliate Marketing like Clickbank and Paydotcom. However, Paydotcom no longer accept affiliates coming from the Philippines. Hubby is just so lucky that he was able to join Paydotcom before they changed their policies.

    With Affiliate program, you earn by promoting a particular product through your blog. When someone purchase the product or service through your affiliate link, you will get a corresponding amount per sale. You will get paid through PayPal with Paydotcom while with Clickbank, you will be paid by check. We have just received our first check with Clickbank just last week and still waiting for another three checks to arrive.

    Others are earning through PTC or Pay To Click sites. Most of this sites are Scam sites so you need to be cautious when joining this type of program. I have tried this before just to know how it works. By the way, this is different with Adsense. Adsense is a Pay Per Click while this program is Pay To Click. Honestly, I do not like it because it’s taking too much of my time and the payout is too low. You need to login to your account everyday to do some clicks for you to earn and reach their minimum payout. If you skip a day, then you do not have earnings for that day. However, there are people who do well in PTC sites because they have a lot of active referrals. They are also earning from their referrals so that adds up to their daily earnings.

    Some earn through Product Reviews and Surveys. There are sites that asked you to review a certain product or service. The amount per review varies depending on your blogs age and popularity. There are also sites that would require you to post your product review directly to their site and the amount per review is sometimes fixed.

    Another way to earn is the Pay To Blog sites. These sites would ask you to blog about their services or their product. With your post, you are required to link their site with a certain keywords directing to their website. Per post depends also on your blogs age and popularity. Minimum pay is sometimes $5 per post.

    There’s still a lot of ways to earn online, these are just a few I know. You just need to explore the Internet, however, with caution because not all money making programs are legit.

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    1. thanks a lot. I am currently starting my own blog and am wondering what to put on it…. LOL… anywayz, I know I will get the hang of it one day…

    2. I just want to share my own experience on how I was able to drive traffic to my website which is very important in making money online.

    3. Hello Mrs. Macuha! I am a fan of your husband Mr Marghil so I am your fan too..=]

      I love this post a lot!

    4. Wow!!! May fan na ako.. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

    5. Hi!

      Indeed, your post gives an overview and basics of how to earn money online.

      I’m struck with your statement, “Success in making money online cannot be done overnight..” on the eighth paragraph. This rings so true especially for my case who have been blogging since 2008. I actually heard and learned about earning money online through my brother. Then, I tried blogging because I thought this is very easy like telling or sharing your own stories especially when gifted with above average writing skills. However, I found out that it is not as easy and simple as writing… I need to visit other blogs and learn from them as well, I need to keep an updated posts, I need to learn how to optimize and direct traffic to my blog, and so on. Whew!

      I think I still have a long way to go.. but I’d like to add that my initial objective in blogging was to really inform people with regard to transportation systems or any transportation engineering related stuff, a field very close to my heart. To earn money from it would just be a bonus. 😉

      Congrats! Keep up the good work! I know and I perfectly understand the challenges in online money making endeavors. I hope all our fellow Filipinos who would like to try this or have started already will succeed as well.

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