SmarTalk Unlimited Call Promo Extended By Smart

    Last year, Smart offered SmarTalk unlimited call for 5 days for only P100 and unlimited call for 30 days for only P500 to all Smart Buddy subscribers nationwide. This promo is different with their SmarTalkPlus Promo which is a combination of unlimited call and texting from 10pm-5pm the following day.

    SmarTalk Unlimited Call Promo started last June 26, 2009. I thought the promo is no longer available since it is only good until September 30, 2009. I have learned from Smart Customer Service that the SmarTalk Unlimited Call Promo was extended until April 30, 2010.

    I tried to register last week and I am glad that the registration went through since I am having a hard time availing this unlimited call promo before.

    I availed of the 5 days Unlimited Call for only P100 by texting TALK100 to 6400. I received a confirmation from Smart informing me that I need to maintain P1 airtime balance while enrolled in the promo.

    While in the service, I can call my friends who are Smart Buddy and Talk and Text subscriber by simply dialing *6400 plus their 11 digit Smart or TnT number anytime of the day, however, you need to dial every after 5 minutes of your call because your call will be disconnected which is very annoying.

    So, did I enjoy their SmarTalk Unlimited Call Promo for 5 days? Honestly, I did not enjoy it. The unlimited promo they are offering was not delivered properly. It shouldn’t be unlimited call but unlimited dials and disconnection.

    By the way, if you still want to try the promo, it is only open to all Smart Buddy subscriber nationwide and only applies to local calls made within the Smart Network.

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    1. How can I know that used times?
      Can not confirm remained time. woo~

    2. I tried this promo before by Smart. I think it is good for people who are not using calls often times.

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