How To Earn Money Online Through Bukisa

    Yes, you can earn money online through programs like Bukisa and I would be sharing to you some information about this site.

    What is Bukisa?

    Bukisa is a program where you can create articles or videos and get paid when someone read and views your content. For every 1000 unique visits you get to your content you will receive the equivalent US dollars based on their payment scheme.

    How do they send the payment?

    You need to have a PayPal account. That is the only payment method that they have at the moment. Ten dollars are the minimum amount that you need to meet for you to receive your payment. Payment is based on a Net +30 policy. So, if you wish to register with them and doesn’t have a PayPal account, register here.

    For those people who doesn’t know how to put up a blog and would like to earn online, you can join Bukisa and start earning money online. Bukisa is also open for those people who wants to earn more money out of their blogs. With Bukisa, you just need to register and create some post regularly. Share your post to your friends so they could read it and even invite them to create their own account. Just a heads up, inviting them can help you earn more. =)

    Is this a legit site?

    Yes, Bukisa is a legit site and I know some friends who are participating on this program have been paid already. So, what are you waiting for? Join now and start earning those bucks.

    By the way, joining Bukisa is free of charge. So, you need not to worry when you sign-up. Interested to join? Register here and start making money online.

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    1. This blog give full information.

    2. there are many ways to earn money, all you need to do is become very creative.:~’

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