LG Mobile Phones Features and Pricelist

    I have not tried using LG Mobile Phones since I’m using a Nokia phone ever since I am capable to buy one. I can say that LG Phones can compete with other mobile brands in terms of style and features.

    I love gadgets and just by looking at them I’m already satisfied since I know I can’t have them all. Collecting mobile phones is just a luxurious hobby not unless I am rich as Bill Gates. 🙂

    Let me share to you some LG Mobile Phones features and prices based on their LG Mobile catalogue. Please be informed that prices may change without prior notice.

    LG Mobile Newest Phones

    LG KM555e Cookie Wi-fi
    Price: P7,990
    Features: 3 Megapixel Camera, Full Touch Screen, Wi-fi Capabilities, Enhanced Music (Dolby), 40MB Internal Memory, MicroSD up to 32GB

    LG KM555e Photo

    LG GD510 Cookie Pop
    Price: P9,990
    Features: 3 Megapixel Camera, Full Touch Screen, Compact and Slim Design, Brushed aluminum Body, 8GB Internal Memory, Expandable Memory

    LG GD510 photo

    LG GT505 Cookie Ultima
    Price: P10,990
    Features: Full Touch Screen, 5 Megapixel Camera, Wi-fi Capabilities, 3G Phone, 60MB Internal Memory, Expandable Memory

    LG GT505 photo title=

    LG Mobile phones are available in major consumer and phone speciality shops.

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    1. LG mobile phones are appreciated for their top-of-the-line features with innovative capabilities. The terrific range of phones come complete with trendy designs and striking looks which are sure to grab the attention of the fashion

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