Nokia E72 Review

    I’ve been planning to buy a new cellphone particularly the E series of Nokia several months ago. It was a love at first sight when I first saw Nokia E63 but was disappointed with some of its features after I compared it to Nokia E71. I didn’t know yet about Nokia E72 until I saw it online and made me want to have it to replace my Nokia N95 8GB cellphone.

    Having some comparison with Nokia E71 and Nokia E72, I opted to have the latter since it’s the latest of the E series and Nokia E72 has a lot to offer (just my own opinion) than the Nokia E71. However, buying it, remains a plan until my husband bought it for me. Yippee!!! It’s his birthday gift for me and I love it!

    Nokia E72 picture

    So, what’s with Nokia E72? First, I like the appearance. It looks similar to the BlackBerry models but when you get closer, Nokia E72 is a finely work of art. HSDPA and WLAN ‘Stainless steel and aluminum design. It’s thinner and lighter. It is only 10mm thick and weighs only 128 grams. It has a stunning elegant look for a business or personal phone.

    Nokia E72

    The device comes with a 5 mega pixels camera which is far better than the other Nokia E series. It has a LED flash and auto-focus features. A high speed connection with HSPA, camera flash can be use as flashlight, full QWERTY keyboard, HSDPA modem that can push up to 10.2Mbps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, A-GPS, FM tuner and voice-command capability. This device also comes provided with a 4GB microSD card, which can be upgraded and can increase the storage capacity up to 16 GB.

    Nokia E72 CameraNokia E72

    The package includes Nokia Stereo headset, Nokia Micro USB data cable, Nokia High Efficiency Charger AC-8, Nokia Battery BP-4L, Nokia 4 GB microSDHC Card MU-41, User guide, Leather Case, Wipe Cloth and the Nokia E72 unit.

    Nokia E72 Package

    This is my Nokia E72 review and just a partial review about the E72 Nokia cellphone. I still need to familiarize with my unit and will share to you next time the things that I may encounter while using the Nokia E72 unit.

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    1. ganda, magkano bili dito saka san nabili to 😀

    2. Ako din bibili ng cellphone within the next two weeks. Pero mummurahin lang. 🙂

      These types of phones don’t appeal to me. I think that larger screen phones should have a touch screen interface. Having two large screen mobile devices, I think its very hard to navigate large screen by just scrolling all the time. But that’s just me.

    3. @Carlo, depende talaga sa user yan. Compared to my old cellphone, mas malaki pa iyong screen ng N95 ko kesa sa E72 🙂 and masyadong maliit naman ang screen ng E72 para magkaroon ng touch screen. So far, I don’t see any problems navigating it.

    4. Nokia 5800 Applications

      Nokia E72 is perfect gadget, i think you will not regret for your decision of buying it. I am also owning it and i am fully satisfied with its performance and features.


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    6. Nokia 5800 Themes

      According to me as i have read the review of Nokia E72, i find it very useful as the best companion for business class people.

      It is suited for business category!

    7. great phone.. sana makabili din ako nito bago magbakasyon sa pinas, hehe… musta na nga pala sa nyo? god bless your family and good luck lagi!! ciao!

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