Photographs using Point and Shoot Camera

    I was influenced by Jaypee’s post about the photos he got using his Sony Ericsson K810i cellphone. Actually, Photography has been one of my frustration. I love to capture pictures and also been dreaming of having a DSLR camera. As for now, what I have is a Sony Cybershot and my N95 cellphone. Still planning of buying a DSLR camera but I’ve just figure things out that I still need to learn proper photography and familiarize my point and shoot digicam before upgrading to digital SLR.

    Here are some of my photos using my point and shoot camera and my N95 cellphone.


    taken in Manila Ocean Park

    sea horse
    taken in Manila Ocean Park

    white rose
    taken during the wedding of hubby’s friend.

    taken at the back of my in-laws house in Batangas

    Peak Season of Rambutan

    taken in Manila Ocean Park

    More photos in our new photo blog.

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    1. “The Fish” photo is awesome!
      Do you have a 1024×768 pixels for that?
      I think it’s a nice desktop wallpaper. Relaxing!
      You have a future for this career.

    2. hello Nerd!! Thanks for leaving a comment. Actually original size nya eh 2048 x 1536, ne-resize ko lang kasi sobrang laki.

    3. i like the bird in a tree..

    4. wow these are pretty nice shots ^_^
      great job!!

      by the way,
      kindly update my feed url on your bloglist to this:

      Because the old feed url is not working anymore.


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