Total Lunar Eclipse Photos June 16, 2011

    A total lunar eclipse was scheduled early today. Actually it started around 2:00 am today and I decided to take some photos of the said event. I don’t have DSLR camera like the others but still I would like to share some photos of the total lunar eclipse. It was said that the total lunar eclipse is only visible to some parts of the world and luckily it includes the Philippines.

    Here are some of the photos of the total lunar eclipse taken using my GE X5 camera between 2:00 am – 3:30am today, June 16, 2011. I might upload the video later.
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    Photographs using Point and Shoot Camera

    I was influenced by Jaypee’s post about the photos he got using his Sony Ericsson K810i cellphone. Actually, Photography has been one of my frustration. I love to capture pictures and also been dreaming of having a DSLR camera. As for now, what I have is a Sony Cybershot and my N95 cellphone. Still planning of buying a DSLR camera but I’ve just figure things out that I still need to learn proper photography and familiarize my point and shoot digicam before upgrading to digital SLR.

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