Is Ruffa Gutierrez In Love With John Lloyd Cruz?

    Last Sunday in The Buzz, Kris and Boy Abunda was teasing Ruffa Gutierrez and even asked the actress if she’s in love with someone. Kris noticed that Ruffa looks inspired and blooming thus they’re thinking that Ruffa might be in love with someone and just hiding it from them. Ruffa did not confirm the issue but just give them a laugh and denied it.

    There are rumors that Ruffa’s special someone is one of the cast in I Love Betty La Fea. Their closeness have been noticed by the staff and crew of the said teleserye. Ruffa’s special someone according to rumors is not other than Betty’s leading man… Armando. Is this true Armando?ruffa-and-john-lloyd


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    1. ow!hindi ko nga lubos maisip na magkakagusto si ruffa kay jonh lloyd.Ang bata bata pa ni john lloyd para kay ruffa.Pero that’s love

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