John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo’s Wedding Scene in I Love Betty La Fea

    Viewers of the Pinoy teleserye I Love Betty La Fea can’t wait to see the wedding of Armando and Betty. Tonight we will witness the wedding of Armando Solis and Beatrice Pingson.

    This is the most awaited scene of the said teleserye. Fans are reacting and afraid that this would be the end of Armando and Betty’s love story. However, according to the staff of the show, this is not the end of the story yet and theirs still a lot of things to happen that the viewers must wait.

    The wedding scene of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo was perfectly planned, they’ll be using a special wedding car. Their wedding motif is Green and Yellow.

    Below are some photos of Armando and Betty’s wedding scene.

    Armando and Betty wedding picture

    I love Betty La fea wedding

    Armando and Betty's Wedding

    Ecomoda Dudes

    What would be the life of Armando and Betty after the marriage? What would be Armando’s reaction if he would know the secret of Betty’s father?


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    1. Armando loves betty very much so he’ll forgive betty’s parents and help them find the one who really shot her mom , then after that they will live happily ever after . Hope in real life too!

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