Treasure Isle Tips On How To Get Started

    Treasure Isle is the newest Facebook game developed by Zynga. A type of game that combines the idea of farming and treasure hunting. Treasure Isle was launched last April 1, 2010 and is now the latest hit game of Zynga. For beginners, here are some Treasure Isle Tips for you to get started.

    After installing the Treasure Isle game application, the first thing to do is to create your character. Personalize your treasure hunter the way you want it. You can do it by clicking on your character. At the bottom part is the edit button if you want to change the outfit, face, hair and eyes of your hunter. Once you are done, you are now ready for treasure hunt. You will be searching for rare gems and artifacts from different island. You can travel from island to island by simply clicking the boat or the map icon at the bottom part of your window. The map will show you different island, click the island you want to explore.

    During treasure hunting, you can dig on dark patches of land to search for treasures. This action requires energy, if you dig on plain land it requires lower energy while you need higher energy if you dig on rocks, trees and plants.

    Energy in Treasure Isle is important. It is like fuel that makes the engine works, without fuel there is no chance for the engine to work. Same with the energy in treasure isle, in order for you to dig more land, you need to have enough energy. The energy meter charge will show your current energy and you cannot dig for more plots if it reaches zero.

    There are few ways to replenish your energy, first is by simply waiting. However, you only get one point of energy for every five minutes and that is a lot of time waiting. Second is by eating fruits you have discovered while hunting for treasures. You can also asks fruits from your friends and send them in return. By simply leveling up, you can completely recover your energy, so try to visit all your friends island and offer some help for you to get extra experience points.

    In your home island, you have two plots for farming. This feature of treasure isle allows you to grow fruits that would serve as your source of energy. You will have a choice to grow four different fruit seed. Each fruit seed has an equivalent amount of energy. Like Farmville, you plant the seeds and harvest it in a specific time, if after the given time you missed to harvest your fruits, then it would go into waste.

    Lastly, if you have plenty of island cash, you can replenish your energy fast by purchasing an energy refill in the store that would cost you ten island cash.

    As you look for treasures, there are part of the island that requires a gem for you to unlock it so you can pass through it. You have one gem tree in your home island and so with your friends island. Make sure you visit your friends island regularly to collect some gems especially if your friends gem tree produces a different color gem than yours.

    Once you completed a treasure set, you can redeem it for some prize. If ever you have missing items, you can ask your friends to send you the item you are missing by sharing your wishlist.

    By the way, spend your coins wisely. Trees and other stuff in the store will not give you extra experience points when you buy it. They are purely for decorations and will not give you extra money and experience points. Make sure you buy those tools you needed for treasure hunting and not those items for decorations. You can decorate your island later if you have enough money to spend. Save your coins for your fruit seeds and tools.

    More Treasure Isle Tips coming, just visit this blog regularly.

    Happy treasure hunting!!!

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