Treasure Isle A New Facebook Game From Zynga

    Here’s another Facebook game from Zynga that was launched just this month, the Treasure Isle game. It is a treasure hunt game with a combination of farm game. You hop from island to island to search for some rare gems and valuable artifacts, earn money, design and decorate your own island and meet other adventurers as you explore the world of Treasure Isle.

    As you travel from one island, you are given some items to search for. Once you completed the items given you can trade in those items for some coins.

    Treasure Isle just started this April and as of this posting it has reached 83,475 monthly active users already. The figure is based on their official Facebook fan page.

    treasure isle logo

    Treasure Isle is still in beta so expect some glitch in the game. On my next blog update I will be posting some Treasure Isle Tips, Treasure Isle Cheats, and Treasure Isle Tricks. Just visit this site regularly for more updates.

    Happy Digging!!!

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    1. Hello Mrs. Macuha!

      I might be checking Treasure Isle later 🙂 thanks for the post. By the way, may blogging event sa SM Batangas this Saturday, April 10, 2010. Registration starts at 10am. Maybe your husband would want to join too. Here’s the link to see the complete details:

      See you there! 🙂

      Dyan of WOWBatangas

    2. pls tell us the real cheats and what is beta?
      do u have youtube?
      could u add me on facebook?
      [email protected]

    3. Treasure Isle Cheats

      Nice blog post about treasure isle cheats .

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