Farmville Tips And Tricks | How To Level Up Fast

    Here’s Farmville Tips and Tricks for you to level up fast in Farmville. The first farmville trick is by using hay bales.

    You need a lot of money before doing this since you need plenty of hay bales to level up.

    How to level up using Hay Bales? You get 5xp everytime you buy a hay bales. So if you have 1000 hay bales multiplied by 100(cost per hay bales), you will need 100000 coins for that and if you have 1000 hay bales x 5xp, you will get 5000xp. Watch the video tutorial on how to do it.

    How To Level Up Fast In Farmville Video

    The second Farmville Tricks and Tips to level up fast is by plowing. You get 1xp for every plot you plow and cost you 15 coins for every plot. So, if you want to get 5000xp, you need 5000 plots to plow and that would cost you 75,000 coins which is much cheaper than buying 1000 hay bales.

    What you need to do with this kind of trick is to plow and delete. It is a repeatition process for you to get experience points. After you plow your plot, delete the plowed plot then plow again. This need patience if you want to get more experience points and don’t want to spend more money with hay bales.

    With the Plow and delete trick, you can get more experience points if you add some plants before you delete it. Like for example, if you have 10 plowed plots, you will get 10xp and if you plant soybeans on that 10 plowed plot you will get additional 20xp since soybeans gives you 2xp per plot and that gives you a total of 30 experience points. Watch the video tutorial for you to have a much clearer idea.

    Farmville Automatic Leveling Video

    Happy farming!!!

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    1. I was doing this for a while but I simply ran out of patience selling all the hay bales!

    2. cool guide man i’m farmville fan

    3. nice man! cool! it helps a lot! thanks! i have farmville lvl 61. and i have to hurry to reach lvl 70! this really helps! thanks again!

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