Ninja Saga Cheats – The Latest Ninga Saga One Hit Skill Cheats

    I have been constantly checking some sites that offers Ninja Saga Cheats just to update my previous post about Ninja Saga Cheats and Hacks. I have found one and it offers the one hit winning cheats.

    According to the user, this ninja saga cheat is still working since July 2010. I just do not know if it is still working as of to date. However, I still want to share this so you can try this one.

    Again, I would like to remind you that I am not in anyway forcing you to do this ninja saga cheat. By following the procedure you are held responsible to your actions.

    I don’t have any control when this cheat will no longer work. Please bear in mind that the game developer of Ninja Saga is constantly updating their system to fix some game glitch.

    Requirements needed to perform this cheats are the following;

    1. Cheat engine. Please be informed that there’s a new version of cheat engine so make sure you have the latest one. Download the latest cheat engine here.

    2. Firefox or chrome browser. This cheat will not work in Mac so don’t waste your time.

    3. Flash player 10.

    Here’s the steps to cheat ninja sagaone hit winning cheats

    1. Open your Ninja Saga account.

    2. Open a fight with friends, hunting horse or mission. Don’t click attack/skill

    3. Open cheat engine 5.6.1 that you used to download.

    4. Open Firefox or chrome browser.

    5. Setting tick ‘array of bytes’ and ’select Also scan read-only memory(ASROM)’

    6. Scan ‘89065E5BC208003B7B54

    7. Right click on address then select Disassemble

    8. Right click the selected code then select ‘Toggle breakpoint’

    9. Go back to Ninja Saga game and then hit(USE SKILL) your enemy, (The browser will freeze)

    10. Go back to cheat engine 5.6.1 and click debug > run 2TIMES

    11. At the right side is the Register panel. Double click the EAX and change the value to “0″

    12. Right click the Selected Line code and select “Toggle Break Point” > “Debug” > “Run” (to unfreeze the game)

    13. Now your enemy is dead

    14. Repeat these Steps whenever you’re in a Battle, Enjoy!

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