Millionaire City Cheats and Tips

    Before I start sharing this Millionaire City Cheats that I have found online, let me remind you that you came across in my blog because you are looking for some cheats in millionaire city and would want to learn how to do it. You want to level up quickly and your only resort is to look for some cheats to make your game easier. In other words, it is your will to cheat, and this blog does not in anyway encourage you to cheat.

    Second, the millionaire city cheats posted here are not made by the author. The author just researched the information listed here so don’t blame the author if the cheat will not work in your end. Hope that is clear to you.

    Now, let’s talk about Millionaire City Cheats. Before you can perform this cheat, you need some tools. The required tools are Fiddler, Firefox or Chrome Browser.

    What is Fiddler? It’s a web debugging tool that logs all traffic between your computer and the Internet. There are sites that offer free download of this tool, just be cautious when downloading.

    Millionaire City Cheats and Tips

    1. Download Fiddler tool.
    2. After downloading, open fiddler>auto responder and ensure both options are ticked.
    3. Drag the downloaded file into the auto responder and you should see a new rule. REGEX:(?insx).*commerceDefinitions\.xml$
    4. Important: Clear browser cache and reload Millionaire City
    5. If database is loaded, you should now have zero limit to getting money.
    6. To prevent game errors, you can only have a MAX $100,000 per click.
    7. Therefore, you must have only ONE house near the Pizza Store or Coffee Shop.
    8. The ONE house should have only five tenants.
    9. If you exceeded $100,000 in one click, you will get a OUT OF SYNC error. Just ensure ONE house and you will be fine.

    More Millionaire City Cheats and Tips on my next update. If you find this post helpful, please share this link to your friends. Thanks!!!

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    1. millionaire wannabe

      where can I download the millionaire city database? I cannot use fiddler without the database.

    2. there’s a http error on fiddler… how can i fix this???

    3. can you tech me hoe to be a millionire in millionire city?

    4. Yurp! @ Millionaire wannabe; that’s not true. Ive used this cheat plenty of times. U just need the XML file and your good. Insert that XML file into fiddler and then clear your cache and reload your browser. after that follow the above instructions.

    5. It always gives out of sync error even though all above mentioned criteria are matched..

    6. http://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/PocoyoRayado para los q juegan el millionaire cityy agregenem plis ko ok

    7. @Nadia
      yes but where is the xml file ??

    8. @ sinday the link to download do not work for me T^T is there any other way??

    9. pliaz down load milionare city ??:(

    10. aye love millionaire city

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