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    Plants Vs. Zombies is very addictive game and as your adventure progresses the more it gets difficult. It is a strategy game against the different zombies how you can manage those zombies not to get inside your house or else they will eat your brain.

    One of the essential tool you need is to have a lot of sun so you can purchase the items you need for defense. You have two sources of sun, the Sunflower during day time and the Sun-shrooms at night. You may need to plant a dozen of sunflowers or sun-shrooms at night to get more suns and you can’t do it that easy because you need to have an attack plant as well to defend your house. The question is, how to have infinite sun?

    Let me share some Plants Vs. Zombies Cheats and Tips that I discovered and that how to get infinite suns. You may want to try this for you not to worry that the zombies are approaching and yet you don’t have enough suns to have attack plants in your garden.

    Here’s the Plants vs Zombies Cheats and Tips | Infinite Sun Cheat :

    1. Make sure you have downloaded the Plants vs Zombies game in your PC.
    2. You will be needing the Cheat Engine tool. Read my previous post where to download Cheat Engine. Here’s the link.
    3. After downloading Cheat Engine, Install it.
    4. Open and play the adventure game of Plants vs Zombie
    5. Open cheat engine tool and click the computer icon below the File. (see image under procedure #6.)
    6. A small window will pop-up under Process list. Select popcapgame1.exe then click open.

    7. Go back to your game. See the current suns you have. Based on the picture below, I have 75 suns. Don’t start the game yet.

    8. Go to cheat engine and type the number of suns you have in the Hex box then click First Scan.

    9. Go back to your game and this time use some of your suns. Notice that from 75 suns I now have 25.

    10.Go to cheat engine tool again and type on the Hex box the number of suns you have after the purchase, then click Next Scan button.

    11. You will get one address left, double click it. Change the Value from 25 to your desired value, let’s say you want to have 900000 suns, type it in the Value window that pops-up and click ok.

    12. Now, go back to your game and you can see that you now have 900000 suns to use for that level.

    Here’s the bad side of this cheat. You can have as many suns as you want but those suns can only be use on the current level you are playing. If you want to have infinite suns on your next level, you need to go through the whole procedure again.

    If you have difficulties following the procedure above, you can watch the video tutorial below.

    Plants vs Zombies Unlimited Sun Hack Video Tutorial

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    2. How do you get the hack for Fast recharge?

    3. sana mka cheat nako

    4. its not working the cheat engine 5.5 is only for internet games

    5. in the cheat engine 5.5 in the process list there are no popcapgame1.exe.

    6. I already download cheat engine 5.5 but i cant see the popcapgame1.exe. What will i do on this.

    7. its working tnx

    8. not working for me

    9. my cheats is not working.

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    11. its true i dont think soo kanang tinuod ni bro :-s

    12. worked…hahaha i kept playing plants VS zombieee… cheaaat..

    13. fake it’s not free it said that “no available survey in your country” so nid to click the paypal icon

    14. kung minsan ayaw naman.. 🙁

    15. makai tong siama,,,ne neng ko tei naa..

    16. cheat engine 5.5 ang kailangan?..pero bakit wlang lumabas na..popcopgame1.exe …??

    17. cheat engine 5.5 is for internet games only not for lan games… does it work in plants vs. zombies?…

    18. hey thanks! I work this very well except that is no “popcapgame1.exe” . that is “PlantvsZombies.exe”. good job anyway

    19. to download the chest engine in plants vs. zombie

    20. Mahirap po yata gamitin ang cheat. Paano po kung di gagana ung cheats?

    21. Ang hirap
      ng procedure… Masyad0ng mhba!
      Nakaka ub0s ng pasencia. . .

      Gueh… D0wnlowd muna quh
      ng cheat engine…

      Pwede bang cheat engine 6.0 nlng?

    22. It works for me and i finished adventure mode!!

    23. i cant get popcap i cant find it to click on it how do i find or fix that for my son

    24. Hey, can i use Cheat Engine 5.6 to use a cheat at Plant vs. Zombies, and hey i can’t find the popcapgame1.exe when i browse it.. can some1 pls help me.. ?

    25. ….sa akin gumana….pati zen….

    26. Unknown creator

      Working perfectly po xa s CE 5.5 and nandun po ung popcop.exe under lng pu ng plantsvszombie.exe .tnxs .

    27. kahit cheat engine na lates 6.1 gumagana..

      sa mga ndi pa mka gets.. add me in FB.

      franzkie kevinzkie..

      i’ll sho yu how?

    28. plants vs zombies cheats sun no sunflower

    29. i snt ther a way to get enfinit suns with no cheat engin

    30. my cheat working :))))

    31. christiancampasa

      sali aq d2 ha ok ba?/?//

    32. It worked thanks heaps :)))

    33. ano po cheat sa plants vs zombies yung imfinnite sun po

    34. i wanted to try coz lots of friends of ours sasid its good

    35. i will try to use this

    36. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

    37. i cant find the right thing to do on step 6 🙁

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