Fishville Tips – Fishville Experience Points Per Fish

    Due to public demand, I would like to share this Fishville Tips on how much experience points you get in every fish in Fishville game. We all know that like in any game in Facebook, experience points play an important role in leveling up. If you want to level up fast, you should know the corresponding fish points or fish experience points before raising a fish in Fishville.

    I have created a Table Of Fish Points so you will have an idea what is the best fish to grow. I am currently on level 31 and these are all the fish available on my current level. See table below;

    Fish Points Table – Experience Points Per Fish

    Fish NameGrows InEgg XPAge 1 XPAge 2 XPAge 3 XPAge 4 XP
    Sardine3 mins136912
    Mini Dart Goby5 mins26121824
    Red Spot Cardinal15 mins412243648
    Inland Silverside30 mins412243648
    Swissguard Basslet1 hour416324864
    Pajama Cardinal2 hrs8326496128
    Blue Green Chromis3 hrs124896144192
    Shy Hamlet4 hrs1560120180240
    Longnose Hawkfish6 hrs2288176264352
    Percula Clownfish8 hrs27108216324432
    Annularis Angelfish10 hrs16144288432576
    Hawaiian Hogfish12 hrs17153306459612
    Royal Dottyback16 hrs22198396594792
    Blue Hippo Tang18 hrs26234468702936
    Scooter Blenny1 day292615227831044
    Blue Damsel1.5 days3935170210531404
    Blue Spot Grouper2 days4540581012151620

    In my previous post about Fishville Tips, fast fish are best recommended if you want to level up fast. However, that only applies if you are just starting your game in Fishville. As you reach higher level, it would take you some time to level up if you stick on raising the fast fish than those fish that requires longer time to grow. This is because as you level up, the experience points you need to reach the next level also increases. Thus, fast fish cannot give you enough experience points to move up.

    If you want more Fishville Tips, visit this blog regularly for you to be updated. You can also visit Fishville Secrets for more tips. 😉

    Happy Fishing!!!

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    3. Hey i am level 34, i have four tanks, One full of grouper and two with Blue Damsel (i find these the best ones actually) and one tank i use to do quick XP during the day i usually do Blue Green Chromis depends on my computer time… All these crappy fish… i want level 39!! Puffer fish looks good! At the start i did heaps of clown fish… all the way along i have done the longer time fish and i’m level 34 without spending any of my own money…

    4. plizzzzz give me more money

    5. hey,

      I’m trying to figure out is there an age where the fish stop increasing in coin and XP worth?

      I see that some of my neighbours have fish 10 or 25, yet I have been watching a couple of fish that have gone from age 5 to 8 and have not got higher in value..

      Why do ppl let their fish get so old, if the value stops increasing?

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