Zynga’s Latest Game Petville On Facebook Launched

    Zynga, one of the biggest social-gaming developer announced last Thursday that it has launched a new game for Facebook called Petville. Petville is similar to Pet Society of Playfish. It is a pet simulation game that allows you to create your own pet, dress, raise and care for that pet that you have created. You can visit your friends’ home, socialize with their pets and earn some coins that you can use to customize your own house.

    If you are playing Pet Society then you know what to do since they are all similar. The only difference that I have observed is the graphics of Petville. It is much nicer than Pet Society. However, there are still a lot of things that they need to develop and add like allowing pets to go in main street like Pet Society.


    Here’s a video introduction of Petville for you to be familiarize with the game.

    Petville is still in Beta so expect some glitches. Want Petville Tips and Tricks? Visit this site regularly for more future updates about Petville. While it is still new, start playing now so you will be ahead with your friends.

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    1. can you help me?
      i cannot access the game anymore. ToT

    2. maybe they are just updating… try to access it some other time.

    3. i can’t get it to work either…its worked before.
      and my cousins is working…its just mine. i have java already and i updated it again. every other game works but this one.

    4. i used to play petville but i can’t open it as not show i just play that game other day so what’s happen i like to play this game with farmville game too thanks

    5. i can no longer access Petville either.April 19,2010

    6. niether can i i try to load it and its says rror doesnt exist and i used to play like a month ago its really wierd:( please help

    7. Kristine Maeko-truthful child

      it was cool anyway! shouldai’ shoudnt ya know anything haler oh bout petville ya know shouldai yahhhh…
      petville is my fav. game yahhh……. shouldai’ i’m level 67 now in petville shouldai i beated all of em i was in top shouldai’ LOL imean i beat the scores of em shloudai’ huh!
      em ma fet’s namined Sabrina nick name:brina LOL shouldai’
      now that’s d all i gotta say shouldai’ huhuh

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