Fishville Tips – When To Get More Fish To Grow

    Have you read my first post about Fishville Tips and Tricks? You can visit the link here and have it read first before reading this post.

    This time I would be sharing how I was able to level up fast and how I unlocked those extra tank and what level you are going to get more fish to grow.

    At first you are just entitled to one tank and 15 fish to grow. When you reach level 4, you will get 30 fish to grow. At Level 10, you will unlock the second tank and with your first tank, you can raise 50 fish already while in your second tank, you will get additional 15 fish to grow.

    Now, when you reach level 13, your second tank will be upgraded and can hold now 30 fish. And when you reach level 19, your second tank will be upgraded again and can hold 50 fish already. So, you will be able to raise 100 fish all in all.

    Here’s the thing since I can grow 100 fish already, what I am doing is that, on my first tank, I am raising those fish that has a shorter time to grow, like the fast fish, while on my second tank, I choose those fish that has a longer time to grow like the Blue Damsel and Scooter Blenny and sell them when they reach age 4. I am using this strategy simply to level up fast and earn more money. Daily I have 50 fish to sell while waiting for my other 50 fish to mature. I will be getting more than double experience points and coins when those fish matures and ready to sell. As I have said on my previous posts, the longer waiting time for the fish to mature the higher the value and experience points you get. I will be posting the corresponding experience points per fish based on their age level on my next post.

    It helps me to level up fast by doing this strategy. Now, I was able to unlock the 3rd tank and I have additional 15 fish to grow. You can unlock the 3rd tank when you reach level 20. However, if you have the Sand Dollar, you can already purchase the 3rd tank even if you are not yet on level 20.

    Did I use Fishville Cheats here to reach this far? No, I did not. I don’t have Fishville Cheats to share yet, however, if I found one, I will be sharing it here so stay tuned. You can read more Fishville tips here. 😉

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    Happy Fishing!!!

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    1. ate macuha
      wala n bang updates sa fishville???
      plzz post po ng bago..
      nareach n po namin yan
      salamt po sa trategy nio
      malaking tulong
      gusto ko po ung points sana ng bawat fish

    2. pano po bang mag downlowd nng cheat engine??? taz mag cheat xa fishville??????

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