Dilation & Curettage Procedure Take Two

    I’ve gone through D and C last September 2008 due to incomplete miscarriage. All I thought after the surgery everything would be okay. Unfortunately, few months after the surgery I experienced irregular menstruation. February 2009 when I need to see my OB-Gyne in Batangas because of the irregularities of my period. No test done to support what I’m going through. She just prescribed Metformin for my PCOS and just told me that my bleeding would not end soon because the lining on my uterus is still thick and that I also have PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It made me decide to look for another OB-Gyne since I’m not satisfied with her service. A friend then referred me to Dr. Ongkeko of VRP Medical Center (formerly Polymedic Hospital).

    Last Thursday, I went to see Dr. Ongkeko and it’s my first time to see her and discuss the things about my menstrual problem. All I thought was she’ll just give me some medicine to stop the bleeding, but I was surprised when she told me that I need to undergo another Dilation & Curettage procedure.

    I have a non-stop menstruation for five months and when she learned about it, she asked me to have some laboratory test and undergo Dilation & Curettage procedure, this way she could investigate the cause of bleeding and she could give proper medication for me.

    I was told to have the surgery that same day when I went there, but since we do have the same religion, she asked me to first attend our worship service that day and just go back early morning the following day for the surgery.

    Honestly, I’m being worried not only for the expenses we’re going to pay since Medicard won’t cover the laboratory tests and surgery for some reasons but I’m also worried of the results of the tests. I’m being paranoid again of the worst case might happen to me. However, I was relieved when she told hubby that I still have chances of getting pregnant, it’s just that I need to undergo long treatment.

    So far, I’m doing fine now and still on medication. I’m still waiting for the histopath results and I was scheduled for a follow up check up this Thursday, June 25, 2009.

    I’m hoping that what I’m experiencing now will not lead to a much serious illness. We still don’t know my real health condition until we have the histopath result. I hope everything would turn alright.

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    1. ang Dilation & Curettage, mao na sya ang kwaon ang fetus sa sulod tyan? diba delikado man na?

      Just pray always! God is just up there 🙂

    2. Hi Don!! Raspa ang tawag sa bisaya pa. Limpyuhan ang matris sa babae for some reasons like, nakuhaan ba kaha or if dili normal ang menstruation sama sa nahitabo sa akoa.

    3. ahh. pataka raman diay to sulti ang nagsugid sa akoa nga kwaon kuno ang fetus sulod sa tyan. hehe. unya kumusta naman?

    4. Mam, may i request for an exchange links.. i have already added you in my blogroll hope to see your reply soon! God Bless 🙂

      My Site: http://thebloggerbasics.blogspot.com/

    5. ooh! how sad. ill just pray that you will be fine always.

    6. hello. new here! you mean 5 months ka may period nonstop talaga? A friend of mine had that problem, too, experiencing irregularity and things like that but she’s now 2 months pregnant and feeling alright kaya wag ka mawalan ng pag-asa. =)

    7. may question lng ako.. ano po ba magndang gawin after ma D and C ..and ano ano po ung mga bawal and bkit? pls. answer this..thank you..

    8. @Krizten Wala namang ipinagbawal sa akin ang doktor after ko ma D&C. Pero iyong mga magulang ko ang nagbawal sa akin na magbuhat ng mga mabibigat. Pinapainum din nila ako ng pineapple juice at magaling daw iyon sa pagpapahilum ng sugat.

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