Tips on Restaurant City A Game Application in Facebook

    Have you been playing Restaurant City in Facebook? If you have a Facebook account, then you know what I’m talking about. Restaurant City is a game application in Facebook. You will run your own restaurant, hire friends as your crew, trade ingredients with your friends and so on.

    By the way, if you want more Restaurant City tips, visit Restaurant City Secrets.

    At first I don’t know what Restaurant City is until I created an account with Facebook. I confess, I’m hooked with this game and this is also one of the reasons why I’m too lazy to post on my blog. Most of my time is being used playing this game in Facebook and somehow I realized that maybe it’s not a productive pastime, unless you know how to discipline yourself in playing this game.

    Anyway, I’m not quiting playing this game… hahaha. I’m still into it, it’s just that I need to lessen my time playing Restaurant City. So, for those who want to try this game, I’ll give you some tips based on my own RC experience.

    1. How to earn free ingredients? Daily freebie when you sign in. Daily food quiz. You will get free ingredient if you answer the food quiz correctly. First-time visit bonus ingredients is given if you visit your friend’s restaurant. Their restaurant will show as your neighbor if they are playing Restaurant City. Also, try to add people from Restaurant City Fan site. Most of them wants to be added and then just delete them after you both get the free ingredients. Be aware that Facebook will shut your account down if you add too many friends within a short period of time…so take it slowly.

    2. Trade your ingredients wisely. Trading ingredients is common in RC. Check first your menu if the ingredients being traded is useful for you or not before accepting it.

    3. Before trading some ingredients, try to check your friends menu on what ingredients he/she needs. Check if you have those ingredients before offering a trade so that there’s less possibility that your offer will be declined. You can check your friends menu unless he/she hides the menu list.

    4. Create an arrangement where everyone is seated close to the cooks so the waiters do not have to waste time walking. People tend to leave your place if the service is too slow and that would affect your popularity rate.

    5. Keep your employees happy for them to work fast and efficient. This will help your Gourmet Points to raise and to level up quickly.

    6. Focus on leveling one type starter, main and dessert. This means that the higher level of your menu will give you more popularity points. Here’s the table per Level and its equivalent scores.

    Level 1 = +1.0
    Level 2 = +1.2
    Level 3 = +1.4
    Level 4 = +1.6
    Level 5 = +1.8
    Level 6 = +2.0
    Level 7 = +2.2
    Level 8 = +2.4
    Level 9 = +2.6
    Level10 = +2.8

    7. On earning more money. This will depend on your popularity so you need to work on your popularity to rise up so you will get more people to eat in your restaurant. However, there are some ways for you to get those extra bucks by shaking the trees outside your restaurant or your friend’s restaurant. Also, leaving your restaurant open even if you’re offline will give you additional bucks. Again, your earnings will depend on your popularity rate. Currently, I’m still level 16 with a popularity rate of 50. I currently have 41,548 cash and in my restaurant I have 5 arcade machine that cost 8000 each.

    By the way, popularity rate will not change even if you leave your restaurant open while you’re offline. So, if you saved your game at 49 percent popularity, when you sign back in the next day, you still have that popularity rate plus you earn additional cash for leaving it opened.

    8. Don’t leave your restaurant open when your employees are resting. Put something or a chair to block the door.

    9. Arcade machines can help destruct extra customers. That is why I have 5 arcade machines in my resto. They will play and then leave your restaurant without decreasing your popularity.

    10. Add extra chairs that would serve as waiting area for those extra customers.

    11. High cost stoves won’t help the cooking fast so don’t waste your money on this item.

    12. Toilets are only useful when you reached level 10, so if you’re still in level 5, don’t waste your money. Save your money for future use.

    13. Reminder, you should know how to manage your time. The moment you get hooked with this game, possibility of being not productive on your work anymore.

    14. Don’t think about Restaurant City often so you will not get a sleepless night. Lol

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    1. hello. nice blog. pareho tayo minsan tinatamad mag update ng blog. hehehe. pwd po tayo xlinks?

    2. so now i know now about the restaurant city..well explained po dito sa blog nyo kesa sa blog ng asawa nyo..hehehehe joke lang..thnx for the info..

    3. same pala tayo ng theme sa isa kong blog. hehe.
      kamuzta mrs macuha?

    4. I’m so addicted with this game now…. I wonder an expensive chair can let the customer wait a little longer.

    5. I am hooked on this game as well.. thanks for sharing!

    6. I am soo addicted to this game i have no coins as as sonn as i sign on i spend them all on crap :l

    7. Hey there, remember me? 🙂

      I’m trying to build up on restaurant city keywords.. can we exchange links?

      Btw, best way to earn money is to have open your rc, set their energy to 100 then quit rc. Do other stuff then return after 30-45 minutes (depending on your recipe levels) and you will see that you have earned more than 1000 or so however their energy is still around above 85%. After that, feed with water then repeat. ^_^

    8. pinay ka diba ? anyway salamat for your tips ! Ingat ka !

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    10. the pink tako owner

      when you have a toilet, you dont need to assign a cleaner. just redecorate, drag the dirty toilet to your box, then drag back. voila. the toilet is clean.

    11. kailangan pa pala ng waiting area
      nice blog!

    12. How do I know what my restaurant popularity is? Toilets actually get used at level 8… Does it matter about the way I set out my tables? Does is make any difference?

    13. why do toilets only get used at lvl 10 or 8 or woteva wy cant we use them at lvl 1?

    14. help me an app. in face book hook me up bcoz of it’s beautiful game named restaurant city.add in facebook to let you see my resto

    15. i can’t save my game what should i do??

    16. Great tips :)Table arrangement is important in RC. There is also a helpful Beginner Game Guide to Restaurant City on Facebook for new players starting out.

    17. restoran yang menarik dan bagus untuk dikunjungi

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