Cheats on Restaurant City Working Or Not?

    Last time I have posted some tips about Restaurant City. Not knowing that there’s a lot of RC players looking for some cheats.

    Cheats about how to get 100+ Gourmet points, faster movements, money cheats, workers stamina and even how to get free ingredients.

    Actually as far as I know based on the other sites that I have visited, there are lots of cheats that uses different types of cheat engines to hack the game. However, playfish had already fixed this type of cheat. In fact, these cheats messed up some part of the game and sometimes causing it to be non-functional.

    Like for example on this video that teaches how to cheat in restaurant city.

    The video was updated July 24, 2009 stating that the cheat is still working. I’ve downloaded the Cheat Engine 5.5 at my own risk as well as the RC tools v4.4 (Restaurant City Tools). I followed the procedure as what the video tells me what to do so just to know how they do it and if the cheats are really working.

    So, what can I say? Well, based on my own experience about these cheat engines, it’s no longer working. I’ve followed the procedures properly, but nothing happened.

    Restaurant City is just a simple game and I believe cheats are not needed anymore.

    Updated: New Restaurant City Cheats

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    1. Almost all of the features on RC tools today is not working even the version 5.1 after the maintenance made last july 28, hopefully they will update it soon.

    2. there is still the gourmet point cheat its really working but i really need the money hack

    3. tryko ang game na to..friends ko are playing this.

    4. cheat engine 5.5 RC tools v5.1 firefox 3.5 flash player 9
      enjoy cheating :D:D:D

      mayaman na ako sa rc hahaha

    5. It’s still working! nagtry ako kanina from level 7 naging 21 ako hahaha. may post ako about that.

    6. hnd q cnoryso ung laro q kya now ngcc aq

    7. guys try to look at this cheat

      ” PiaipRChack v1.13 ”

      you just need to download it and when you’re finish downloading

      1. open your fb
      2. open restaurant city
      3. open piaipRChack v1.13
      4. check all the cheats
      5. then click ” PATCH ”

      all done..

    8. â„¢@nDRewâ„¢

      plssss help me po anung website po ang may restaurant city cheat na madali i download find me in this e mail

    9. buti nalang naka cheat ako

    10. heheheheh mahirap pero naabot ko heeheh sana magaya kayo 🙂

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