Google Pagerank Level Up

    Wohooo!! I’m blogging again after being lazy for the past few months. I still feel don’t like blogging and maybe I’ll just blog if I like to blog or if there’s something I want to blog.

    Last March, this blog was launched and in less than a month of operation, Google gave it a Pagerank 1. For the month of May, I’ve been too lazy updating this blog and just recently I’ve learned from hubby that there’s a Pagerank update again. So, I checked this blog if it still has the Pagerank 1 since it wasn’t updated for quite some time. I was surprised because I’m expecting the worst case of losing the PR for this blog, instead, this blog moved up from Pagerank 1 to Pagerank 2. Wow!! That’s great!! Google loves me too!!! Hahaha!! Maybe, Google wants me to always update my blog and as motivation, Google gave me a Pagerank increased. Hahaha!!

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    1. Wow..kailan pa kaya ako magkapage rank heheh…tnx sa pag add

    2. wow congrats po sa inyo..bilis nyo magupgrade ng na love kayo ni google ha..

    3. + hi poh.. bilis nyu naman po mag ka page rank.. pede po magtanung? panu po ba ma index yung site ko sa mga search engines, thanks po… T.c. – for health tips – for quotes and some cute and elegant stories.


    4. wow kailan pa kaya ako maa ka page rank?

    5. woow shella kaw talaga ng inspire sakin mag blog, kaya ito mag update na naman ako ng blog , medyo natatamad kasi ako this past few months kasi nga busy sa work, daming work ralated issues, for sure narinig mo na yung iba dun. anyway congrats to your blog as expected naman talaga and thanks din pala sa mga tips mo sa RC, by the way, my new game ngayon yung RL(restaurant life) any tips ? ehehehe. take care

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