Mafia Wars Tips, Tricks and Cheats

    Mafia Wars is another game from Zynga. It’s a mob game and also one of the addictive games now in Facebook. A Mafia War die-hard would always want to be unstoppable, unbeatable, rich and powerful.

    Most players are searching for Mafia War Cheats for them to dominate this game. Who wouldn’t want to grow their mafia family fast? Who wouldn’t want to earn Mafia money, earning them like thunders and become the most powerful and unbeatable in no time?

    You are maybe one of those people who wondered how other players build up Godfather points so fast. How they grow their mafias in no time? How these people defeat other players without ever losing a single moment of their lives?

    Mafia Wars is not a flash action game like many other games in the internet but it is so addictive. Others are being mad if a higher mafia attacks them and they could not even defeat their attackers. Below are some tips and tricks that can help you succeed in Mafia Wars.

    1. Strengthen Your Mafia Family – Recruit more people who play this game. Meaning, they are also one of those Mafia Wars die-hard who play the game almost everyday. This will ensure that you are building a strong Mafia family. Also, don’t forget to always help other members of your Mafia, this is to keep your Mafia family strong.

    2. Collect Some Money – You can do this by completing jobs. Choose the ones that offers a higher payoff with the least amount of energy used. You can use the money you gain in purchasing properties and weapons.

    3. Purchase Properties – This will help you generate more money that you may use in buying more properties that will help you dominate games.

    4. Purchase The Best weapons – Buy weapons with best defense points to gain more attack points.

    5. Choose the “Maniac” Mafia War Character – This is for begginers, you cannot change your character anymore if you have choosen other Mafia Character. Maniac class recovers energy quickly and are better equipped for doing jobs that allows you to do more missions.

    6. Play Mafia Wars Everyday – This will help you get a bonus of 3 Godfather points every day that you sign in. Godfather points help you purchase rare items, best weapons, extra energy and more.

    7. Bank Your Money – Before leaving the game and after completing a job, make sure to bank your money. This is a mob game, anytime other Mafias will attack you. You could easily end up losing money during fights if you don’t bank your money. There’s a 10% money-laundering fee that the bank will charge you, but it is much better than losing everything in a fight.

    Want to Dominate Mafia Wars? Try the Ultimate Mafia Wars Cheat Guide and start to build your own Mafia Family.

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    1. Hey Mrs. Macuha, mafia wars is indeed so addicting and indulging. I find myself engrossed and very engaged. My goal is to level up and eventually build a formidable reputation. Will give your tips a try for me to increase my points and build my mafia.

    2. where to loot the illegal transaction??

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