Fishville Of Zynga Suspended Due To Ad Violation?

    Yesterday, I have just created my account with Fishville and was able to reach level 5. I left the house for a couple of hours to attend our worship service and when I returned from church and went online to check Fishville, I can no longer access the page.

    It is so sad that Fishville cannot be played for the meantime. If you are trying to reach their page what you will get is this message “The application “FishVille” is temporarily unavailable due to an issue with its third-party developer. We are investigating the situation and apologize for any inconvenience.”

    According to TechCrunch (also a blogger), Fishville has been temporarily taken offline by Facebook for advertising violations. It will remain suspended “until Facebook is satisfied that Zynga demonstrates compliance with Facebook’s TOS on the ads it offers to its users.”

    It was known that two days ago was the launching of the game Fishville and for that two days it has already accumulated thousands of users and just yesterday based on Zynga’s stats it had reached 875,000 users and after two days the game cannot be played anymore due to ads violation.

    This ad violation was reported to be scams and most of the victims are children and some gullible players especially those with cellphones. Like any other games in Facebook, you earn virtual money for you to buy virtual goods like tables, seeds, decorations and also with this virtual money you can expand your farm, cafe, or tank. You can do this by simply investing real cash through PayPal or Credit Card in exchange of this virtual money.

    The scam took place when you do not have the real money to invest, that is when you accept an offer from one advertiser on the game site and get virtual cash in return.

    These offers will ask you to sign up for something like a service that would require for your credit card or ask you to download something from a particular site. There are some offers that would ask you to complete a survey. However, some of these offers are deceiving. They don’t state on the offer page that the user is required to enter to a service with monthly subscription. You would never know that you are signing for something that would cost you at the end. And since most of the victims are kids, the parents unknowingly get those unwanted billings from an unwanted service.

    Hope this issue will be resolve soon so there will be no victims of this kind of scams in the Internet.

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