Cheap Nintendo Wii Package

    I’ve been asking before how does it feel playing games using Nintendo Wii. I already have a Nintendo DS Lite bought in Hongkong by my hubby and I am enjoying every game I downloaded from the Internet. However, having a Nintendo Wii is a different game experience.

    It’s been our plan to buy a Cheap Nintendo Wii, so yesterday is the big day! We bought a new Nintendo Wii Package at Greenhills Shopping Center. The package includes 2 Remote Controller, 2 Nunchuck, 58 in 1 Wii Accessories, Blue Light rechargeable battery pack plus 10 free games of your choice.

    Finally, we do have our own Nintendo Wii and I love playing with my hubby. We can do quality time together playing those games that we have. We can play tennis together on Wii Sports without going out. We can play Mario Cart without going to Timezone.

    What I also like with Nintendo Wii is that it helps you burn those fats that you have with its Wii Fit Exercise and Wii Sports. Playing Nintendo Wii is great!

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