Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Housemates Revealed!!

    Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Edition just started last night. Fourteen housemates was luckily picked to join or to stay Big Brother’s house.

    The first to enter Big Brother’s house was Princess Manzon, the “Sassy Vamp of Cebu.” Followed by Tom Mott, the “Romantic Stud” who is from the USA but a native of Samar.

    Up next was Delio Dimaculangan from Batangas. Following Delio inside the house is Paul Jake Castillo, the “Negosyante Prince” also from Cebu.

    Next to Paul Jake is Jason Francisco who is said a look a like of Lorna Tolentino and Rudy Fernandez son Ralph. Jason is from Mindoro and is known to be “Boy Astig” in his hometown for starting brawls and other mischief.

    Melissa Cantiveros a funny lady from Gensan or General Santos City is the sixth to enter Big Brother’s House. She was nicknamed as Inday Kengkay for her being “kalog”.

    Yuri Okowa the “Multi-lingual Hottie ng Japan” wowed the audience not just because she can speak five different languages but because of her pretty petite looks.

    Next to Yuri who entered Big Brother’s house was Carolyn Batay, a “Conservative Pharmacist ng Tondo“. She believes that entering Big Brother’s house will change her views in life on some things. Will she conquer the challenges of Big Brother? That’s what we need to find out.

    Marielle Sorino of Davao was given a chance to enter Big Brother’s house. She admits that she is a rebellious daughter due to her mother’s being unreasonable and strict. Indulge to drinking and partying until she got pregnant. Marielle Sorino was tag to be the “Struggling Mom ng Davao“.

    The tenth to enter Big Brother’s house was also a mom, however a widow from Pampanga. She is Yhel who strives to go on with her life with her two children. Will she survive inside Kuya’s house?

    We used to know that there are only 12 housemates, however, this month’s Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Edition has some twists and that was revealed by Big Brother lasts night’s premier episode. Big Brother introduced two sets of twins; the college varsity players Toffi and Kenny Santos and family guys JP and JM Lagumbay. Big Brother also revealed to the twins that he has two houses and that they should never divulge the secret to other housemates. They were given the first task for this season and since they are twins, there would be a switch of identities and houses anytime Big Brother would instruct them to do.

    There would be a force eviction for the pairs of twins from Big Brother’s house if any of the secrets revealed to the other housemates. Would they endure the tasks?

    Would there be any other housemates coming next Saturday? Let’s wait and see.

    Watch Pinoy Big Brother Double UP premier night edition here.

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    1. mganda sna c yuri kya lng may pgkmldta kung minsan..c tom npkgwapo at sa to2o lng eh hndi nman cla bgay ni princess kc cya ung tipo ng girl n puro kseksihan tpoz huli nman xa beauty.. ms mganda pa xa knya c marielle..

    2. ms mganda pa ang starstruck ng GMA 7 kysa xa PBB kc nka2swa na xa to2o lang.

    3. mganda sna c yuri kya lng may pgkmldta kung minsan..c tom npkgwapo at sa to2o lng eh hndi nman cla bgay ni princess kc cya ung tipo ng girl n puro kseksihan tpoz huli nman xa beauty..

    4. mhavec-sori n lng poh x ngsvi n png8 pbb… gnda tlga n cathy gogogo!vote kta x big 4 &melason gogogogogogo

    5. go go go melason naka2kilig talaga kaung panoorn AND FOR KATHY ALAM MO MS BAGAY KAU NI JOHAN

    6. go go go loveteam melason and jokathy hndng nd mgba2go

    7. ang gwapo talaga nina johan at jason
      ang gnda gnda rn ng pbb ndng nd mgla2os ms magnda pa sa starstruck mngga2ya pa walang originality

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