Farmville Farm Designs | Farmville Layouts

    Farmville is running a week event featuring different farm layouts patiently created by some talented Farmville Players.

    These farm layouts or designs once chosen will be featured in Farmville’s official fan page and will get 100 farm cash as a reward.

    With this idea, Farmville is not just a simple farm game but also a way to express one’s talent in creative designs.

    Creating Farmville designs is not that hard, you just need to play your imagination how you want your farm to look like.

    Farmville layouts or Farmville designs becomes the trend now in Farmville. If you know the basic Farmville Stacking Tricks, then you can create your own unique and signature farm.

    Here are some Farmville designs created by the respective owners.

    farmville designs and layouts
    This is the first Farmville design I created.

    farmville designs
    My second Farmville designs I created with my farm.

    farmville designs
    My current farm layout in Farmville.

    farmville layouts
    This is a featured Farmville design posted by zpahb.

    More featured Farmville designs and layouts on my upcoming posts. Happy farming!!! =)

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    1. sipag naman ng mga players na yan.

    2. the fourth pictru is nice farm

    3. i like the elevated design. could you give me some tip on how to elevate may farm

    4. wow hanep ung huleng pix huh

      magaya nga 😀

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