Jesse Taylor Mattos Reunited With His Lost Class Ring After 72 Years

    A 90-year-old man named Jesse Taylor Mattos was said to have been reunited with his long lost high school ring after 72 years.

    According to several news sites, Mattos lost it in a toilet and never found it since then. He did not bother to think about the ring and went on with his life, until one person claimed to have found his long lost ring.

    A certain Tony Congi who was said to be a city worker in Dunsmuir accidentally found it. After getting it cleaned Congi noticed the J.T.M initials being engraved in the ring coming from the “Class of 1938”.

    Reports said that Congi paid a visit to Dunsmuir High School to track down the owner and immediately knew from the yearbook that the ring belongs to Mattos.

    “It was a small class, Jesse was pretty much the first one in there. He was the only one with the initials J.T.M.,” Congi was quoted saying in a report.

    Congi was said to have contacted a neighbor who was a member of the “Class of 1938” and happened to be a friend of Mattos. Fortunately, the said friend still have Mattos’ number from past class reunions.

    Congi reportedly contacted Mattos and promised to deliver the ring personally.

    Lost Class Ring Of Jesse Mattos
    Photo Credit: Mt Shasta Area Newspapers/ABCNews

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