Millionaire City Coin Cheats

    Here’s another Millionaire City Cheats that doesn’t require you to use a fiddler tool. What you will be needing is the Cheat Engine tool and Charles Proxy.

    You can read my previous post about Millionaire City Cheats and Hacks using Fiddler Tool here. In this post, I will be sharing another Millionaire City Cheats on Coins.

    Here’s the procedure on Millionaire City Coin Cheats.

    1. Open your Millionaire City game.
    2. Open your Cheat Engine tool and choose the browser that you are using. Example. Firefox or Chrome.
    3. Buy one bungalow in your millionaire city game.
    4. In your cheat engine, encode the amount of money that you have after the purchase then click first scan.
    5. Go back to your game and buy some decorations or a house.
    6. In your cheat engine, copy the current amount of money that you have after the purchase then click next scan.
    7. You will get some addresses on the left portion of the cheat engine. Click the last address.
    8. Change the value or amount of money or coins you wish to have and click froze.
    9. Go back to your Millionaire City game and you will see the increase of your money/coins.

    This Millionaire City Coin Cheats was created by somebody else and was modified by the author for better understanding. It may not work at anytime since the game developer of Millionaire City keeps on enhancing their games. Enjoy the cheats while it works.

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    2. i want to cheat

    3. hi yes if i put high numbers like 17574 it wont scan :S why plzz respond and tell me exactly how it should be done

    4. but when i 17574 its working there are 5 address appeared on my address box but the problem is i cannot do the cheat

    5. there is someone that I could well explain the trick because I crashed when I grow all three phases of the Instructions please help …. =)

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