The New Miss Universe 2010 Winner Is Jimena Navarrete- Miss Mexico

    All the Miss Universe 2010 contestants who were luckily selected to be on the Top 15 are all hoping to bag the Miss Universe crown. However, out of 15 Miss Universe contestants, judges will only choose the Top 5 based on their previous presentation and how they answer the actual interview.

    Later this day will be the coronation for the Miss Universe 2010. Who will be the winners to qualify to be on the Top 5 finalist? Who will be the new Miss Universe for this year? Would it be Miss Venezuela again? Do you think Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj will win this pageant? Let us all see.

    Based on online surveys, Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj is still on top of the survey, followed by Miss Bolivia Claudia Arce Lemaitre and Miss Venezuela Marelisa Gibson on the third spot. The online survey has nothing to do with the final result of the pageant.

    I will update this post as soon the results for Miss Universe 2010 will be final. Good Luck to all Miss Universe Finalist!!!

    UPDATED: The newly crowned Miss Universe 2010 Winner is Jimena Navarrete from Mexico.

    Meanwhile, here’s the Top 15, Top 10 and Top 5 list of the Miss Universe 2010 pageant.

    Miss Universe 2010 Top 15 Semi Finalists:

    Mexico – Jimena Navarrete
    Belgium – Cilou Annys
    Ireland – Rozanna Purcel
    South Africa – Nicole Flint
    France – Malika Menard
    Australia – Jesinta Campbell
    Jamaica – Yendi Phillipps
    Colombia – Natalia Navarro
    Guatemala – Jessica Scheel
    Czech Republic -Jitka Valkova
    Philippines – Venus Raj
    Russia – Irina Antonenko
    Albania – Angela Martini
    Puerto Rico – Mariana Paola Vicente
    Ukraine – Anna Poslavska

    Miss Universe 2010 Top 10 Semi-Finalists:

    Ukraine – Anna Poslavska
    South Africa – Nicole Flint
    Guatemala – Jessica Scheel
    Australia – Jesinta Campbell
    Mexico – Jimena Navarrete
    Ukraine – Anna Poslavska
    Puerto Rico – Mariana
    Ireland – Rozanna Purcell
    Albania – Angela Martini
    Philippines – Maria Venus Raj

    Miss Universe 2010 Top 5 Finalists with their scores:

    Mexico – Jimena Navarrete – 8.913
    Jamaica – Yendi Phillipps – 8.884;
    Australia – Jesinta Campbell – 8.841;
    Ukraine – Anna Poslavska – 8.743,
    Philippines – Venus Raj – 8.714

    Miss Universe 2010 Special Awards

    Miss Congeniality Winner – Australia – Jesinta Campbell
    Miss Photogenic Winner – Thailand – Fonthip Watcharatrakul
    Best National Costume – Thailand – Fonthip Watcharatrakul

    4th Runner-up – Philippines – Venus Raj
    3rd Runner-up – Ukraine – Anna Poslavska
    2nd Runner-up – Australia – Jesinta Campbell
    1st Runner-up – Jamaica – Yendi Phillipps
    Miss Universe 2010 – Mexico – imena Navarrete

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