Ibaloi Priest Disappointed With Robin Padilla’s Denial

    Ibaloi priest disappointed with Robin’s denial on the controversial wedding with Mariel Rodriguez.

    First read in ABS-CBN news website, the Ibaloi priest who officiated Robin and Mariel’s wedding last Monday was disappointed with Robin’s denial. He asked the couple to admit that the wedding took place.

    According to Jimmy Ong, the denial of the said wedding only shows that Robin was “ashamed” of the Igorot culture. Ong still affirmed that Robin and Mariel got married last week in Ibaloi rites despite the continued denial of Robin Padilla.

    He stressed that sacrificing a pig during the wedding of Robin and Mariel is one ritual that is considered sacred by the Igorots. He also added that having pig’s blood on their faces made the wedding sacred, binding and legal.

    However, Ong said that the typical Ibaloi wedding takes place for more than one day because of the rituals. But since there was such urgency in planning, the ceremony of Robin and Mariel’s wedding lasted for one-and-a-half hours only which according to Ong, does not affect the legality of their wedding.

    Now, who’s telling lies? Robin and Mariel? Or the Ibaloi Priest? What you think?

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