Glee Updates: The Return Of Charice As Sunshine Corazon

    Charice arrived in the Philippines and assures her fans that she is fine now after being reported that she was confined in Singapore due to food poisoning.

    According to Charice when interviewed yesterday by Showbiz Central (Entertainment Show in the Philippines) via phone patch, she will be resting for a week here in the Philippines then she will go back to Los Angeles. Charice will start recording her new album and new single in the States and also continue the shooting for Glee Season 2 Episodes.

    When asked about the specific episode and date, Charice refused to divulge it.

    “A, actually po, right now hindi pa po ako talaga puwedeng magsabi ng mga exact dates and everything, pero I guess ang masasabi ko lang po, panoorin na lang natin ang buong season. Pero for sure babalik po si Sunshine Corazon.” Charice said.

    Earlier reports said that Charice will be back in episode 7The Substitute” featuring Gwyneth Paltrow as their guest star. As quoted from Michael Ausiello of The Ausiello Files, Charice will make her return as a member of Vocal Adrenaline about mid-way through the season. On Wednesday, he revealed: “BREAKING GLEE NEWS: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Charice will reappear in episode 7!”

    However, Bum D. Tenorio Jr. of Philstar revealed that “Charice is coming back in Episode 6 of Glee. She did not tell me what songs she would sing but refuted talks that she had already recorded Celine Dion songs for Glee.”

    Glee episode 6 is entitled “Never Been Kissed” featuring the come back of Cheyenne Jackson as new Vocal Adrenaline coach Dustin Goolsby. With this new speculations, fans are now confused.

    Though a lot of speculations and reports coming out regarding the exact come back of Charice in Glee Season 2, one thing is for sure, Charice will be back as Sunshine Corazon. Let’s just wait for the final announcement.

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    1. Charice really got the voice and talent…too bad she got miss led in her religious beliefs, but that’s life… we are mold by the people who raised and surrounds us…

      Glee is really a good show but I rarely catch it on screen… 🙁 It is the little girl Ceejay who watches it atleast on you tube…

    2. I agree. Charice was mislead religiously.
      The Catholic church is the False church in the revelation.
      Rev. 13
      It says here that the beast will decieve the people through miracles and the beast will make the people worship images or statues.

    3. Can’t wait to see charice on Glee again… 🙂

    4. i hope she becomes a main stay in glee. hey, whats the thing with her religion? i didn’t know that

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