Paper Beads: A fun Way To Recycle Paper

    Paper bead making is not a new craft, it is a traditional craft and was popular during the Victorian times. Victorian ladies used wallpaper scraps to create beads and string it on yarn to create paper bead door curtains to divide rooms.

    The craft of making paper beads has been developed through the years and it is more fun doing it now because there are so many ways you can create with paper beads. Others can make purses, beautiful jewelries, greeting cards and wall art just to name a few. With these projects, it gives sustainable income and opportunity to some people and other charitable institutions.

    The good thing about this craft is that it is inexpensive and you probably have the materials on hand to get you started. You can use old magazines, used gift wrappers, old calendars, brown paper bags or any type of paper that you want; pencil and ruler for marking and measuring the paper, craft knife or scissors for cutting, cutting surface if using a craft knife, rounded toothpicks, glue for securing your rolled beads and glossy medium like varnish or clear nail polish to give your paper bead a glossy finish.

    Paper bead making is so simple and addicting, tutorials are available in Youtube if you are still having problems on how to get started. I have created my own paper beads and still thinking what projects I can do with it. I have created some jewelries out of paper beads and it is so rewarding and fun seeing your work appreciated by your friends.

    Here are some of the paper beads I created. You can follow my Paper Bead Creation page on Facebook.

    Paper Beads Collection

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