Learning How To Paint

    One of my frustration is to learn how to paint. I know a little bit of drawing but it sometimes depends on my moods and painting is a different story.

    I know how to draw simple things. I’ve learned it during my childhood. It’s not an in-born talent for me actually. I have learned how to draw because I need to. Every time I have an assignment most especially in science that would require us to draw like the parts of the eyes, parts of the ear and others, my father won’t help me but rather challenge me to do it by myself. He would always say: “If I were to help you draw that one, it’s no longer your assignment but mine, try to do it first before you say you can’t.” So, every time I have an assignment that requires drawing, I’m doing so much effort. It’s all worth the effort seeing the result of my work and I feel proud that I made it myself knowing that not all women can draw. I’m not really good in drawing like many other, but I can say that I’m still lucky to be one of those women who knew how to draw.

    Black and White Drawing - Medium Used: Black Ballpen and Bond Paper

    Black and White Drawing - Medium Used: Black Ballpen and Bond Paper

    I can draw simple things, but I don’t know how to paint and it’s one of the things that I want to learn. I’ve been hoping to purchase those basic painting materials for me to at-least try how to paint. I know it’s not that easy most especially that I’m just starting, but I’m willing to learn.

    I always admire those people who can draw and at the same time know how to paint. Painting is never difficult for them whatever mediums they use. I even admire seeing people’s paint using MS Paint and I wish myself that I hope I can do it too.

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    1. 🙂 Hinaot modayon ka sa pagpintal, pagkamamugnaon.

      atong ipasundayag sa Kalubihan ang imong mugna.


    2. black ballpen and bond paper pa lang yan, ang ganda ganda na. imagine pa if you have the right materials! wow!

    3. Thanks Dinah and Lubi! Just Hoping na matuto pa ako.

    4. Galing! I can’t draw like that ever! Stick drawing lang pwde pa. hehe

    5. Just continue your painting.Time comes that you already know or specialized painting….

    6. Just continue your arts..Its really cool one

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