Hello WordPress!!!

    After several years of blogging, nagkaroon na din ako ng brand name, hehehe. Even if this is just a sub-domain still I can say that I’m no longer an alien! I’ve been blogging since December of 2004 from a free web domains like Windows Live to Blogger. I’ve created several blogs like recipe blog, wedding blog, movie blog and my personal blog, now I’ll have this blog as my official blog.

    I’m still new to WordPress and find it complicated compared to Blogger. I know that this is just for the meantime since I’m still on the process of familiarizing everything here. I’m glad that hubby is always there to help me.

    I would like to thank hubby for helping me have this blog, now I can say that I belong now to mankind…lol. Having this blog is like owning a brand new house that I can consider my own. With my previous blogs it’s like I’m just renting and anytime the owner (Blogger) can boot me out whether I like it or not.

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