Treasure Isle Cheats – Money Cheats

    Hello Treasure Isle diggers!!! I know some of you are busy digging and at the same time, busy looking for some treasure isle cheats. Most treasure isle cheats have been patched already, however, there are some genius people who have been constantly tweaking some old cheats to work.

    I will be sharing this treasure isle cheat and it is up to you to discover if this is working or not. So far, most people I know who have tried this treasure isle money cheat was satisfied. I did not made this cheat, I just found it online. It’s a video tutorial on how to get more coins in treasure isle.

    Here are the step by step procedure on treasure isle money cheats.

    1. You need a cheat engine to perform this cheat.
    2, Open your cheat engine tool and select the browser that you are using. Ex. Firefox or Chrome
    3. Open your treasure isle game and go back to your cheat engine tool. On Value type, select DOUBLE on the tab.
    4. Copy the amount of coin you have then click first scan.
    5. Go back to your game and buy some decorations. Copy your current money and encode it in your cheat engine tool then hit next scan.
    6. This time you get one address left. Click it and something will appear at the bottom.
    7. Click the value and make it 999999 and click ok.
    8. Click or check the box to froze it.
    9. Go back to your game and you will see that you have enough coins to buy the things that you need in your island.

    If you are having a hard time following this procedure, you can watch the video for your reference.

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    1. thanks for sharing this information. I gonna try this one so that i can advance faster in my digging venture in Treasure Isle.

    2. saya kuranng dlm mendapatkan point clm ninja saga

    3. hey i am using cheat engine 5.6.1 and the cheat does not work

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