Kristine Series Episode 2 August 17, 2010

    Kristine Emerald Fortalejo decided to visit Villa Kristine to see her grandfather Don Leon Fortalejo. She wanted to clear his fathers name and also to reconnect with him for them to save their house from the banks mortgages. It was her first step in Paso de Blas and is not familiar with the place and for some unexpected circumstances she fell into the hands of the young De Silva.

    When Marco de Silva learned that Emerald is a Fortalejo, he brought her to his house. He locked Emerald in one room for her not to escape. Emerald got the chance to escape when Marco forgot to lock the room. However, when Emerald is about to escape the house, she was caught by Marco’s uncle.

    What will happen to Emerald? Will Marco save her from his uncle’s evil desire? Let’s watch tomorrow for the next episode of Kristine Series. Unfortunately, I don’t have the Kristine series episode 2 video.

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